we all have one, whats yours?

It’s taken me too long to get this started, but it’s NEVER too late to do something you want. This blog is meant for sharing and practicing the advice of others, perfect “strangers”-who all share something in common- a story. I have always believed that every single person I pass in the street, in the supermarket, at the gas station, the gym and the post office have a story all their own which makes them who they are. I happen to be the exact kind of nerd who is entirely too curious. Maybe it’s my counseling background or my intuitive nature, either way I’m interested and thrilled all at the same time to listen.

The url of this blog refers to exactly that point-we all have “one” what’s yours? I’ll be sharing stories and the little things that I encounter in my life, the words of wisdom and love, encouragement I have received along the way.  Welcome ❤

3 thoughts on “we all have one, whats yours?”

  1. Lisa! You write beautifully, I am so excited to be following your blog 🙂 I know it will be something genuinely refreshing & deeply inspiring for me!


  2. Jacin-thank you SO much for writing 🙂 I just checked out your site-its incredible. I have a lot to learn! But your kindness meant so much. I will be following you as well


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