when it matters.

Remember the last time you got a “just because” card or someone left a note on your desk while you ran to lunch? I know you smiled-because the feeling of being thought of is so special. What’s the big deal it’s just words on paper, oh contra ire! When all we do is jet through life at lightening pace and text because calling takes up too much time we aren’t accustomed to thoughtfulness. I remember buying pretty paper specifically for the purpose of leaving college roommates love notes. I still remember the feeling of getting a note from mom in my lunchbox. It’s all the same. I have one friend who is so consistently fabulous with remembering special occasions with cards or handmade gifts that I say every time I receive one- she beat me AGAIN.
If you keep on “meaning” to call or drop by it may not happen and then you become a victim of the horrible reason/setting that brings you together. You know where you all say we should have made this happen sooner. So do it. Do it now when it matters. While you can enjoy a laugh or cause a smile. Leave a quarter in a meter, hold a door (even if the miserable crab doesn’t say thank you) tell someone how cute their kid is (cute or not).  You’d be amazed at how people are surprised at kindness. So pay it forward, pass it on, whatever you want. Just do it- because you may never get another chance.

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