walk beside

This morning I was reminded how important it is be to a helping hand. I don’t mean physical labor, more like a labor of love. When someone in your life needs you to be present for them it is your job to do the best you can. Here’s the trouble we often face- it is instinctual to want to “rescue”, to step in and make things better, but in reality that is likely not what the person asked you for. They asked you to BE there. They don’t need you to tell them what to do or how to do it, they want you to just be you– which is why they came in the first place. If there wasn’t trust and safety between the two of you why would they bother? If you take anything let it be this- dont just hear them out but LISTEN. Listening is entirely different. Don’t tell them they are right or wrong, feelings are neither right nor wrong- they are feelings, unique and unto themselves.
If you choose to help, walk beside them. Don’t lead, don’t follow- this way if they need you they can reach out for your hand.

3 thoughts on “walk beside”

  1. Love this Lisa, You're doing such an incredible job with your blog! I love reading something new from you every day. Your words are so personal and true, I find myself nodding and agreeing with every sentence I read. I feel such an emotional connection to your words! xoxo ❤


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