This post is inspired by my great great aunt who just celebrated her 100th birthday.  She is the most petite thing ever but she packs a whole lotta punch. Aunt ‘A” resides in a nursing home about 15 minutes from my house and whenever given the opportunity I get to visit her. She might beg to differ but the pleasure is all mine. These visits have become so special to me, in which I find much entertainment and pride (not only of the genes in my family). My aunt is by far one of the trendiest residents at Cedar Manor-always putting on her stockings so that she may wear a skirt, because pants are for men according to her. She has matching sweater sets and jewelry and the chicest salt and pepper bob haircut. She hugs with such love and kisses you never forgetting to tell you just how beautiful you are. She is a dancer-my favorite one liner is “Shake it but don’t break it” as she wiggles holding on to her walker.  When we talk about her nights on the town she tells me she didn’t drink at the bar, she danced on the bar. She is a riot. She reminds me to be patient, to love and to welcome people in- to my home, to my heart, to my gifts. And of course- to dance. She’s lived 100 years- I trust that she has done something right.
Another guilty pleasure of visting my aunt is the other more “mature” friends I get to make. Everytime I go I remind myself to listen patiently to what they share- when all you have left in your life are stories to tell, someone should be listening. These people have loved and lost, had successes and failures, careers and titles to rival, families-some who visit and some who don’t. They are still, as far as I’m concerned, full of life. They treasure the simplest luxuries-sharing a meal religiously at 12pm with their friends. They stare out of the windows adoringly at the Hudson River because they may never leave again. They “get it”. They remind me to stay grounded, to work hard, to be brave and to be fair.
I am humbled to know them.
This post is 101-an extra year full of wishes for my aunt on her 100th birthday.
*In loving memory of my grandpa (poppy) who also resided at Cedar Manor and the loving lessons he taught me as well ❤

One thought on “101”

  1. Yes, the wisdom we gain from our relatives who have lived to see and hear so much over the years is so valuable. My grandmother is going to be 99 this year and is still guiding me in “her way” through confusion and forgetfulness sometimes. Once they are in your heart and have touched your soul with their stories, life lessons and love, it is there forever! Thank you, Lisa for reminding us about where we can find answers and a zest for life!


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