high road

Take the high road. Trust me, it’s the road less traveled. It isn’t always easy, and not many people are brave enough to do so. We easily fall prey to holding grudges and sticking to “our guns”. Proving a point-right? But to who? The longer you hold on to the anger or point, you’re only fooling yourself. It begins to reside within you and then it starts to gnaw. It isn’t easy to put aside your pride, to be willing to forgive. Maybe you don’t even have to forgive wholly, maybe you allow yourself the permission to forget the hurt it caused and the person who faltered. Taking the high road doesn’t always mean turning the other cheek, sometimes it is truly for you. It is so that you may have a “peace” that the actions of another would not allow. We have all been hurt in the past and probably caused some hurt ourselves. We all have scars. Some of us choose to live according to them and others choose to live beyond them. That feeling in your gut, your heart, your brain- it too shall pass, I promise. Put on those hiking boots because it may get tough at times, but at the top-how sweet it is. Take in the satisfaction and the view and the air. Breathe deeply and let go. You can thank me later 😉

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