this is it

If I said- this is it! Your intitial thought is that I’m excited and absolutely sure about something. If I say- this is it? I’m disappointed with what I’ve gotten, I was looking for more. It’s so easy to want more. I’ve spoken about wishing for more, wishing your life away. Hoping for different circumstances. Whether or not you’re ready, I’d like to welcome you to your life- right at this very moment.  I don’t know if you realize it but you are exactly where you are supposed to be.  You’re doing a great job, I promise. It may not always feel like it. You can never get your hair exactly as you want it, you need to lose 5 pounds, your kids are always late for camp, you only earned a B-. You haven’t gotten the raise you want, someone you know is sick. Look for the messages in these things- they are there. We are human-we falter, we win, we lose, we’re happy and then sad sometimes. We all make mistakes-look PASSED it. I guarantee you you have so much more than you realize. You got up this morning and were breathing, put clothes on, ate breakfast and went somewhere-likely somewhere they need you. If you didn’t show up- something would be missing or wouldn’t get done. You’re a lot more valued than you think. If you have children who climbed into your bed this morning, they snuggled up next to you and you got to kiss warm little faces. There were ten fingers and toes. How incredible. How about those shoes your wearing? First off- you’ve got shoes…secondly, don’t dare wish to walk in someone elses. There are people around the world who would give anything for a pair to lessen their burden. Rock your shoes 😉

Be still and believe. Believe that the choices you make and the hard work is all for something. Don’t get stuck in the “coulda, shoulda, wouldas”. A wise woman I know taught me-don’t worry about the could haves, because if it should have then it would have. Count your blessings, make each day matter, do good, be kind, laugh and listen. Hug tight. Love yourself and your life exactly as it is- that way it can only get better. This is it.

2 thoughts on “this is it”

  1. Yes, we are all where we are supposed to be, even if we don't like it. Here's a great quote that I look at every day that totally supports your view, Lisa…
    “To get out of the valley sooner, find and use the good hidden in a bad time.”


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