the middle

My father once told me “I love you in a million different ways, for a million different reasons” what he forgot to say was that being perfect wasn’t one of them. While fighting for his life, my dad wrote me a letter because he realized he might not make it to offer me advice throughout my adult years. It is perhaps one of my most treasured posessions. It stays at my bedside and has for nearly eight years now. Although he believed I could do anything, he was always sure to praise the little things. He made the biggest fuss over how I tied my shoe laces at the age of five. With regard to my accomplishments in school he was always one to say “As long as you’ve tried your hardest”.

Somewhere along the way we pick up the idea that we are supposed to be perfect. We are supposed to strive to be superhuman and save the world. Chances are you were never told it was completely acceptable to be average- to land somewhere in the middle and to embrace your imperfections. Here I am to tell you you’d better hurry up and do so. You don’t need to be a model or a doctor or a rocket scientist- though if you are, kudos. Plus who is to say that your average isn’t actually amazing? You don’t need a flashy car or a huge house, try celebrating your strong character and incredible family and friends. Money is of course wonderful, in the sense that it provides security, but what is ” a lot” is completely relative to what you value in life.

Now don’t get confused, I didn’t say don’t strive- but remember to strive for YOUR best, not someone else’s. Challenge yourself and be happy with the results against your own ruler. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, rich is the man who has his health. Do you. And if that means you land in the middle, hold it down- someone has to 😉

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