reasons why

Reasons why you should smile today or any day of your choosing.
1. Because a smile is universal-there isn’t a person on this planet- regardless of age, race, gender, religious orientation, ethnicity that wouldn’t understand it.
2. I’ve told you it’s contageous- and someone just may need you to.
3. You look alot prettier/handsome when you do.
4. It sends a strong message- “I’m bigger than doubt or worry today” ” I have something special I’m thinking of” “I can do this”
5. It truly will make in difference in how you feel.
6. If you can look in a mirror and laugh/smile at yourself for atleast 10 seconds, anything will seem easier, I promise.
7. Smile, don’t take yourself so seriously!
8. You might just get what you want if you ask it with a smile. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.
9. Because you should challenge yourself, it’s too easy to stay grumpy over something. Let the “good” in.
10. Because you just never know who’s falling in love with it. ❤

11. Because you know you want to- or already have while reading this!

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