mars & venus, revisited

In case you haven’t heard it lately- you are one hot mama. All that and a bag of chips- haha! You’re not so bad yourself,  Romeo. Ladies, you know you don’t mind hearing it. It just takes some getting used to- how to react. Most women are downright terrible at accepting compliments. They usually follow it with something that completely negates the wonderful comment they just received.   This leaves the poor frog sitting there with his hands in the air.. something like “Really? I thought that was a great line?” Now since I can only speak from the female perspective I will only give general feedback based on what I’ve heard from our male counterparts.  
Male: “Wow that dress looks amazing on you.”
Female: “Oh, no way- I totally need to lose five pounds.”
Insert thought bubble….. Female: OMG, he staring at me, suck it in, stand tall, smile.  Male: SERIOUSLY? 
Bottom line: If he didn’t mean it, he wouldn’t say it. They are way too literal. Trust me, we know that one for sure. Black and white. Your dress looks great and so do you so shut up 😉
Muchacho- understand something, it’s not that we are intentionally trying to be obnoxious, we are just used to self loathing. The hair isn’t right, must be model skinny, this new [bra, top, dress, shoes] will change my life and perspective love partners. SO SO untrue and sad but it’s more common than not. Somewhere along the way we are programmed to attain this imaginary ideal.
I spend so much time “coaching” my friends and teenage girls I volunteer with on the beauty of confidence. Something I wish I had truly understood it at a younger age. The sooner you own who you are, imperfections and all, the happier you are…period. According to dudes, the sexiest quality a woman can possess is confidence. You are beautiful without your makeup. You can wear a ponytail and sweat pants and be sexy. As a matter of fact it gives the guy the permission to wear his guinea tee and mesh shorts because we all know that’s what he wishes he lived in.

You are one hot mama. Just say thank you, smile and give him a kiss. He means well the poor thing-after all he is from mars.

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