Once upon a time you thought you knew what your life would be like. You had a dream, a fairytale in your  heart. Maybe you grew up thinking you’d be an astronaut or a beauty queen. If you are a female maybe you dreamed of a knight in shining armor and have a white pickett fence. When you exchanged vows in your 20s you never dream that your partner could be tragically taken from you way before his/her time or  perhaps that someone would stray from the marriage.

In your dream of a future you didn’t anticipate a child with special needs or never truly finding your “calling”. Floating from one job to the next desperate for fulfillment.  You didn’t dare think you’d meet an engaged man and fall in love with him after dating someone else for years. You didn’t plan on letting life take you to Spain where you open a small cafe with your significant other and decide three years later it doesn’t feel right. You give up everything and come home to start your life over at 29. Maybe you traveled to Asia to teach children English and meet an incredible guy, after moving in-it doesn’t fit and you’re questioning all over again what direction your life will take.  After six years of marriage your husband tells you you need to move to Canada for his career advancement and you have a toddler and are pregnant. You are engagaged and living with your husband to be and you lose the magic. You torture yourself with whether or not you should stay, and after a simple question that only a mother could ask  “Do you still want to run home to him?” you realize you don’t and you leave. Your a husband who learns after 11 years of marriage that your wife has met a man online and chooses not to be a mother to your only son anymore, leaving you both to start a life elsewhere. 

Okay okay I know, you get it- and if I don’t turn this around you might get depressed. There’s a rainbow after nearly every storm. There is life after love lost. And if these stories didn’t have happy endings or “to be continued’s” I wouldn’t be telling them. Sometimes we are forced to find a new normal , to be resilient against our own belief in ourselves. To find courage you never thought you had. Sometimes you have to be strong because being strong is the only choice you have. It isn’t always so easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is a plan you may not understand, you may not even like the way it sounded if someone gave you a crystal ball to see what life had in store. It might greatly alter the decisions you make, the path you chose. Sometimes you end up where you never expected life to take you. Hopefully for you- its beautiful.

The woman who lost her husband at 44 ends up with a wonderful man who also lost his wife. She learns to drive at nearly 50 and goes back to work at 53 to a new career. The couple with the handicapped child has two other perfectly healthy girls who adore their sister and one who is now a doctor, intending to give back to the medical world that has done so much for her and her family. The man who was engaged to be married would never have been happy with her and trusted his gut to leave for his now wife. They also moved away for a few years while she was pregnant and now live happily near family and friends and he is quite successful. The lovely young woman who left Spain for home after opening the cafe, happily married her match here in the states and they are expecting their first child this winter. The free spirit who taught in Asia has returned home to follow her passion and pursue an advanced degree in what she really loves. The rest of her tale is yet to be exciting. The engaged girl who left after mom’s prompting, is now happily married to a husband who compliments her entirely. She knows everyday of her life she made exactly the right decision.  And the man who’s wife left to start anew, is now married to a supermom of his much younger two sons with his eldest taking a great interest in his new family.

Sometimes you end up where you never expected life to take you.
 Enjoy it, it’s beautiful here too.

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