If you’re a giver like me, you might find it second nature to sacrifice of yourself , sometimes at your own expense. To pour your heart and efforts into all that you do- relationships, tasks, goals. There are going to be situations where you need to learn when enough is enough, people who will take advantage of you and perhaps mistake your kindess for weakness. Those who you have given too much to and continue to take and take and then take some more. Those who will be envious of your success and draw on your generous nature to benefit themselves. There will be friendships that don’t work out. There may be people who will not like you. Shame for them. There may be favors unreturned and consequent disappointments. You can try ad nauseum, sometimes it just doesn’t work. It’s for a reason. There are just sometimes where your best isn’t deserved- take it elsewhere.
There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be treasured, respected, valued and revered. Make this a standard you live by. You know the feeling you get when no matter what you do it isn’t appreciated, it sucks- end of story. Don’t last there-don’t you dare! Give yourself more credit, get what you want, don’t hold back. Put you first. And if you’re like me, that will take some getting used to. Learn how to get that point accross as nicely as you can 😉 Nobody likes a brat. By the same token no one can argue that you shouldn’t get what you give.
Yes there will be times where it isn’t always a clean cut 50/50 just due to the nature of circumstances, authority, length of relationship, distance/logistics, time available. Just don’t be anyone’s fool, I mean ever. Sometimes you can only do what you can do, the rest is out of your hands. The ball is in their court. Let it be. See what happens. One of my favorite concepts seems appropriate here “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.
I hate to belabor a point but learn to listen to your instinct, it’s really smart you know. You know deep down inside who you can trust to pull through for you. As you go through life you’re much more likely to gage your comfort in a situation. Look forward to that, hone the skill-it truly is priceless. Know yourself. Be proud of who you are and what you bring to the table. Respect yourself-others will learn to follow.
You are MORE than worthy. If that’s not clear, go elsewhere.

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