be it

See these guys? They’re well on their way. When I ask if they are strong- I get muscles and flexing. To them it’s a physical thing. True enough. It’s also a feeling, a choice, a state, an attribute. It comes in all shapes and sizes, colors, degrees and more importantly forms. In some cases it is tried and tested moreso than others.
 Some variations of the definition of strength include the ability to do or to bear and the capacity to endure. If you ask someone what their strengths are, chances will be it might take a while and a level or two of comfort to admit to. Funny how we aren’t groomed to boast and brag. We don’t go around touting how fabulous we are… (most of us anyway). We usually learn them as we go, we grow into them. We  learn how to hone them.
 I use “them” because likely, you have many strengths- the things that make you “strong”.  Some are outwardly obvious. The “things” we are good at, the things people can see. Easily recognizable traits. Other strengths are more personal, they exist but only for us to know. Only for us to appreciate. They are sometimes reserves. Something we must tap into given certain scenarios. Maybe your strength is silent and stoic. Or perhaps your strength is your compassionate, sensitive nature. Maybe you ooze it. 
You don’t have to feel strong to be it. There are times when you need to believe in it. You know it’s there. Strength doesn’t always roar. Sometimes strength is the little voice at the end of the day that says “I’ll try again tomorow”.
 “Flex” your strength…  be it your body,  your brain, your heart, your voice, your hands, your feet, your wisdom, your intellect, your expertise.
Use it as you choose, whatever it is.
It makes you who are you. Ask others, they will tell you it’s what they love about you.

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