Noun: A possibility of something happening.

It’s not everyday we get to tell epic, mind blowing fairytales or stories about our lives. Most of us won’t get to telling them until a lot of life has passed us by. Until we feel, we’ve earned the right. Our lives are series of events we’ve encountered, choices we’ve made and a little dose of the fate that brought us there…sometimes we may forget about the chances we took. A choice is thought out, planned- a chance requires a little more bravery,

If you’re gonna get brave I have to warn you to put on your helmet. Maybe even get out some bandaids…you could get hurt, bruise your ego a little. it might sting. Taking a chance may mean swallowing your pride in the hopes that the universe will conspire with you. 

Sometimes you aren’t sure exactly where it may take you, but something tells you it’s worth a shot.  It was exciting enough to get your attention in the first place. There’s usually a little voice inside that summons you to it. Dares you. Urges even. Allows you, gives you permission to act outside your norm. Sometimes you have to smile and go with it. Trust in the “powers that be”. 

It may hit you, show up right when you least expected it. Stand right in your face and look way too tempting to ignore. Who are you to tell it no? It’s presented itself for a reason. It’s up to you whether or not you believe in it.  Don’t blink because you might miss it. The opportunity that is, to take the chance. What do you have to lose?  

Cause it ain’t every day you get the chance to say, “That’s exactly where it started”.

Besides, where would you be if you didn’t take that chance-that once?

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