Today you’re allowed.
Know what you should do? One or more or maybe even all of the following šŸ˜‰
Stay out too late
Have one too many
Eat an unimagineably large piece of chocolate/cake/cookies/insert favorite-rediculously caloric-food-you-typically-deprive-yourself-of.
Dance around in your underwear, in the mirror, singing into a brush-completely ignoring what isn’t “just right” about your body. Just shutup and move.
Stay in the shower longer than usual, a really really hot shower. Ignore your screaming children/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate who wants to get in.
Actually, maybe you should take a bath. A candles all around, book in hand, champagne flute, bubble bath.
Do something fun- just for shits and giggles.
Roll down your windows and blast your (all time or maybe just right now) favorite song really really loud-ignore all stares from people you will not only drive past, but never see again. Just don’t pick your nose, cause umm you don’t wanna be “that guy”.
Oh don’t forget to wear your coolest shades.
Buy thatĀ article of clothingĀ you’ve been wanting, the one that’s probably too expensive, so you keep telling yourself it’s unnecessary..except that it has to happen because you cannot stop thinking about it.
Go for a long walk, maybe get lost a little bit it won’t be the end of the world to see something new.
Say whatever the hell you feel like, so long as it’s true and okay, maybe appropriate.
Don’t apologize for what’s on your mind. NOT TODAY.
MakeĀ a mess, get your hands dirty, play in the mud-ditch the umbrella.
Get your hair done…and your nails and whatever else you decide you want.
Maybe you can skip the gym if you want, I mean yea I know it’s a “good” thing but sometimes just be serious, you don’t wanna go.
Be a raging bitch if you want to. Because you feel like it.
Hang out with someone really cool, I mean blows-your-mind-how-this-person-could-even exist-cool…or a dog. Dogs are cool too.
Pretend your working at work, you know- minimize whatever you “shouldn’t” be looking at type of deal…because you KNOW there comes a point where you make an unconsciousĀ  or conscious decision that you might not do another blessed, useful thingĀ all day.Ā 
Send someone a picture, a text, a note something that will make them smile because it’s so “them”.
Actually, maybe you can just call- you know PICK UP A PHONE like the old school days. The thing that goes by your ear and you talk into it. You’d be shocked how it might matter.
Kick it old school, whip out something from years ago that was at one time acceptable but would absolutely positively look rediculous on. I’m laughing just thinking about it. Insert side ponytail, acid washed jeans, slap stick bracelet.
Go down a slide, swing on a swingset.
Go balls to the wall, have no shame in your game, rather do it than say you never tried, all out.
Make a list of all the things you friggin love about yourself.
This is fun, I could go on for days….point is, give yourself permisson šŸ˜‰

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