two five

me at two five…
I am the biggest dork you’ve ever known. If I could be a student for the rest of my life I would be-actually I am a student of life. I listen feverishly to what people have to say, the stories they have to tell me, the lessons they’ve learned, the people they’ve become, the adversities they’ve faced. I stare at things sometimes longer than usual-trying to make sense in my brain how they work.
If I don’t know about something, I want to. If you tell me I should read something, I have been known to whip out my phone at the bar and order it on amazon…ask my friends they’ll tell you 😉
I want to be so many things-I am a counselor, and there are days I want to be a lawyer, a surgeon,an event planner to watch people absolutely adore a day that matters to them, I want to be a midwife-to support women during the most incredible time in their lives, to watch life come into the world. I want to be a photographer.I want to be an author.
I want to travel far, far away. I want to ride an elephant. I want to truly marvel at something exceptionally beautiful. I want to learn new languages. I am humbled by different cultures and customs.
If I could dance for 3 days straight I would. Music moves me more than I understand. All kinds.
There is a lot of life in me.
My brain works on overload. I am always thinking. I have a lot of ideas. My computer is proof of this because I usually have atleast 8 tabs open at the same time! I do think alot, I analyze. I care about people sometimes to my disadvantage. 
Nothing makes me happier than making someone smile. Be it a gift, a call, a picture of something that will make them happy.
I like to matter. If I’m not doing something useful and meaningful I am not okay.
Hugs are my favorite. I love kisses, but only a really tight, close, legitimate hug can be felt by my heart. Although a kiss on the forehead goes pretty far too.
I absolutely love it when someone finally “gets it”- my students or the girls I counsel in bereavement. That point when their eyes get a little bit wider. When they have the “aha” moment.
Things happen to me-the kind of weird stuff that might be borderline scary-energies, coincidences. I usually laugh and look up (to whoever) and say “okay, got it”.
I am an old soul. I’ve been told this all my life-I remember it starting at 4. I guess according to dog years I should be 175 by now. I always sat with the adults when we had playdates growing up. I love being with more “mature” people, doing absolutely nothing besides sitting in the backyard reminiscing. Maybe I could take up knitting-but I’d rather dance.
I have angels.  The “big, bad with muscles and a special interest in protecting me” kind.
I’ve lost a major player in my world, my dad. This leaves me with a strong thirst for life and honestly no patience for petty bullshit. I may sometimes run short on patience, I’m working on it. I just know what TRULY matters and I can’t help myself sometimes. I like to spend my time  where it’s genuine and really expect that once people get to know me, they’ll understand and respect it.
I’m a straight shooter. I don’t have anything to lose, I believe in honesty and showing the world your true colors. If I’m not being myself-who am I?
I don’t like it when someone tells you, you need a man to do it- ie. opening a jar, pulling apart something really tight, lifting something heavy…ask my family 🙂 I’ve been known to act like superwoman to get something done.
I love food. Really, really yummy, rich food. I have real love for the art of cooking, the time, energy and pride that’s put into a good meal. I want to go give the chef a high five every now and then in my favorite restaurants. hehe
I love vino. I’m not afraid to try new kinds. And p.s. there is nothing like vineyard hopping, just saying.
I have incredible friends. The fun kind, the serious, keep me grounded kind. I have thoughtful ones and strong ones. I have those who have the best shoulders to cry on, the most contagious laughs, the funniest inside jokes and unbelievable memories that no one can ever take from me.
I don’t have words for my family. If you know me, you know them and your damn lucky. The things that we’ve been through and supported one another through are too many words for this blog. They are gift to me, every single day. In my eyes I have three other siblings that weren’t born from my parents-my cousins. Their children mean the world to me, melt me every single time. They make my insides hurt because I can only imagine the love I will have for my own-someday.
I can hang with kings and theives. I love adapating to the situation. I drive my car sometimes listening really loudly to hip hop (ha), joke around with my students about something on Page Six and then I need to dress up for a  networking cocktail reception at the Ritz with business people.
I love them all, their just people.
I like the morning. When it’s quiet, when the sun makes it’s debut. When the air is crisp. When there is no one at the beach but me, toes in the sand. I like to get my workout over and done so I can look forward to what’s coming next in the day.
I’m a fan of sweat pants just as much as the most gorgeous dress I’ve ever seen. Big fan of being comfortable and when you’re okay with who you are, you’re comfortable either way.
I will have a beautiful life, because I believe in it, because I want it, deserve it and because I’m writing my own story. I trust in something bigger than myself to sort out the details

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