on you move

When it rains, sometimes it pours
All you see are closing doors.
You worry about where you are,
Is it near or is it far?
Sometimes you fall and hurt yourself,
You struggle and you ask for help
You’re human and you need a hand,
You aren’t sure just where you stand.
There’s days you’re brave and days you’re not,
You love and hate and feel alot.
You aren’t sure whats up inside,
You just know you can’t decide.
Feel it all and feel it through,
The hard, the scary and the new.
Don’t avoid or excuse,
Sometimes it’s okay to lose.
You have to lose before you gain,
It has to mend after the break.
You have to fall before you rise,
You need a break, just close your eyes.
Breathe and tell yourself the truth,
Sometimes you’re stuck, then on you move… 

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