I’m sorry but there is nothing like a human interaction. We’re always running- so an email is easy and a text saves time. Then there’s the times you go unplugged. You remember a face to face-where you can read the person’s expressions, see and hear them laugh, watch the silly little wrinkles around their mouth appear while you can hardly catch your breath your laughing so hard as well. Thank you friend, for that mini ab workout-because of course that’s the best kind 😉 

This weekend was filled with interactions like that. I was surrounded by a group of people who (for lack of a better word) rock. Somehow this heavenly little get together just sort of “happened”. Because you know sometimes when you plan it, it can take months before you all actually have the same time slots available. Even then somehow when it’s on your calendar, something else comes up or you just decide you don’t feel like it.
No matter how different our lives may be- ages, sexes even, once the conversation gets going (insert an adult beverage or two) it’s all the same. The lines start to fade,we share candidly and all of sudden everyone else has “been there” or gone through “that” and has something to teach the other person. Oppinions, suggestions and sometimes just a really funny joke to make. Hours pass. Yes there’s an occasional checking of the phone, because god forbid you should miss something. But the real experience in front of you is worth so much more. We’ve swapped status updates for convos and “likes” with an occasional high five. It’s a live event that didn’t require an online invite.
Unplug every now and then- it’s absolutely worth it

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