as is

Often we are caught waiting on something, making promises about improving or getting to where we “want to be”. Right now I don’t have x or y and I’m not ready. I used to be… I was…I want. It’s human. 

There are people that adore you as is. The ones you never have to think twice about being yourself in front of. It’s a beautiful thing. There are those who want to know you…not what you have or don’t have, not where you’re going or where you’ve been. They’ve gotten to see enough of you that they are perfectly happy to let the rest become what it may.

There are people who want to be there for the ups and downs. The one’s who see right through your pride, your armor. They know you at your most vulnerable. They probably know your fears and doubts without you every having shared. They are ready to take it on, the good, the bad, the ugly. As is-damaged or changed in some way from the life that led you to them. 

Truth is we are all a work in progress. What you may think makes a person appear to have it all together may be so very distorted. Laugh at the mistakes you made, the growth you’ve had, the challenges you’ve overcome and the ones yet to be. Chances are there will be many. Spend more time smiling. They like you that way.

Give yourself as is… at least promise to think about it.

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