Maybe, I’m still dreaming of summer 😉 but I was really referring to the old adage about life handing you lemons. So you have one in each hand…now what? If you aren’t a fan of lemons or didn’t expect to be given them, you might not be sure how to make use of them. At first they can seem bitter-but oh how sweet the finished product can taste.

lemon tart, lemon meringue pie, lemontini

A friend of mine, going through a very painful split, recently shared her discomfort about being alone this time of year during the start of the holidays. She talked about wanting to skate in NYC and see the tree, buy gifts for a special person and dress up for little ones. I had to think quickly. Since I love her, I wanted her to realize that just because there isn’t a special “someone” doesn’t mean she still can’t do all of those things…there just is a twist this time around. Plan b. We will make it a point to go to the city and skate and see the tree. We can throw in dinner and drinks, maybe even lemon drop shots 😉 I know how special volunteerism is to me, so I suggested that she think about a special cause this season- maybe dressing up or helping wrap gifts/deliver for Toys for Tots. So now we can check off dressing up, buying gifts that mean something and making little ones smile.

lemon cookies, lemon chicken, lemon/lime ceviche

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hoopla of the next two months. The fires, turkey, cocoa, mistletoe. I must admit the shorter daylight induces an itch for cuddling in me that is greatly overwhelming (hehe). It’s okay to want someone to share it with, just maybe this time around it isn’t a romantic partner for everyone.

limoncello, lemon ice


I’m reminded of my treehouse families at this time of year too- and how for many of them, the thought of the holidays is extremely painful. It will be the first time they are missing such an important person in their lives. What they knew and what is, is forever changed. For them, they may only be interested in surviving the season, never mind enjoying it. Some of them might choose to forfeit their lemons altogether, putting them away until they can come up with anything close to a desire to create something else.
If somehow you got lemons you didn’t expect…please think about re reading this entry and smiling at all the ideas/recipes you can potentially make. Besides, lemonade is for amateurs 😉 maybe put them in your twisted tea.


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