Life has a funny way of teaching you lessons. Bringing you people and then taking them away- through illness, through distance, through life changes that cause a relationship to end. Then there are some times people go simply because they choose to. Because they’ve decided they have served their purpose, gotten what they wanted and are satisfied with just that. Sometimes this is brave and takes a lot of careful thought, other times it’s just self serving. Sometimes there are reasons given and other times there are no words. Even if there are words they might be just as empty as never saying anything at all. Some people would run straight for the door if it meant never having to face their own reality.
There will always be people who stand on their own two feet and know who they are,work their tail off and are honest through and through. They make apologies where they are owed, they aren’t too good to admit when they were wrong. They see the good in others regardless of what “people” say. They are trusting and forgiving without reason. They help because it feels good and it’s the “right” thing to do. “Before Enlightenment – chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment – chop wood, carry water.” Buddhist Proverb 
Then there are others. People who got a memo along the way that they weren’t accountable for their actions. Somewhere in their lives, others enabled their behaviors,or in this case, misbehavior. They know that someone will bail them out, make excuses for them, fix the situation, pacify it, rectify it, pay for it, justify it. Some people will never know real responsibility. Somehow they weasel their way through things, they coast by because it’s what they’ve always done- and what others have allowed them to do. No one is holding them accountable. No one is calling them on their “stuff”. They are truly convinced they have this figured out. They will continue on with disregard, paying no attention to the consequences. Newsflash- somebody’s paying attention, probably more than one somebody. At the end of  the day, when some realization does peak through, they can deal with the lack of character they’ve shown. You can’t always have your cake and eat it too.  Unless we are talking psychopathic,borderline serial killers- we all have a conscience which will eventually give way. I promise.
Now we’ve all made mistakes.We continue to make them, consciously or not. We say the wrong things, we take things out on those we love. We set out with the right intention but deliver it in all the wrong way. We get scared so we bow out hoping no one will notice. Maybe we apologize halfheartedly to make something go away. Or maybe we’re so dead set in our ways we never apologize at all. It would bruise the ego. Those first people I talked about know it’s good for them to do right by others. The other group, will come to know- have faith in them.
I do just have one piece of advice. In your encounters in life- there will eventually come a time where you mistreat the wrong person. The wrong person who could have been the right person.

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