We all claim to be “something”- we have certain qualities and descriptors that we would like people to think of when we come to mind. You’re sweet, he’s shy, she’s quiet- but is that really all you are? Highly doubt it my friend… flag on the play- challenging that. We all have a side to us that we might not usually let others see or know about. Ingredients that might not be so obvious 😉 Things we dare to throw in every now and then, just to mix it up. Sometimes it’s fun to leave to the imagination- to let people learn them as they get to know the whole you.

I sometimes catch myself lowering the radio as I drive into the lot at work since I don’t think my colleagues would expect me to be rocking out to Rick Ross (ha) If you know me, you know I have a dash of ghetto. As in ..I grew up in Yonkers and used to own a bubble coat, have tips and use gel for my ponytail. I am known to randomly sing entire old-school rap songs at the bar. That’s right little miss goody two shoes.

Maybe your a wise ass with a dash of serious. Smart with a dash of sexy. Careful with a bit of danger. Maybe you wear high heels and specs to work but are a beast on the softball field. Maybe you’re usually the momma bear but god forbid they let you loose on the dance floor-dash of sex pot. You have so many sides to you- switch it up 😉 People won’t know what to do with themselves. It’s worth the reaction. 

Some days the recipe your trying calls for a little more or less of certain ingredients. Think about throwing in something new or showing a different side of yourself- the same old thing can get boring. If you’re feeling daring enough you might even use more than a dash

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