Once upon a time you came to be.. you became a beautiful little person with all the stuff you needed to make it in this big, bad world. Sure there was a lot you would come to learn, but who you were designed to be was always incredible. 

Back then there was no one who could argue it. You “coo”ed and smiled and were warm and snuggly. You wrapped your little hand around their finger and that was all it took.

Some people are born with more fight in them than others. They refuse to give up, refuse to give in. They weren’t born to settle and refuse to accept anything less than what they want. There’s a something in them that they can’t exactly explain or put a finger on, but it’s usually a silent drive that sets them apart from others, or ahead of the crowd. If this is you, don’t apologize for it. Naturally there will be others who want to see you fail or don’t believe that you can actually have that much passion for something, that you can be that genuine or good natured. They aren’t meant to understand.

You know who I mean- the same people who are always waiting for the other shoe to drop or always asking what the catch is. The glass half empty “ers”. Non believers, naysayers. They watch the world happen to them and then point fingers rather than do anything about it. It’s easier for them to place blame than to make change. They’re so happy being miserable it’s confusing. Buck up.

There are a lot of circumstances, people, experiences, trials that will threaten to change what you’re made of-but me (yes poor me) I truly believe that everyone is good at heart. That they mean well but somehow their intentions get lost in translation. Call me naive- but I’d rather believe this, thank you very much. The world would be a scary place if we thought that people truly set out to do wrong by others. We always have a choice. You’re allowed to have a bad day, be in a bad mood because of someone else’s actions- just refuse to stay in it. Refuse to allow them to change you.

I refuse to change who I am. I refuse to let the world jade me. Sure I am disappointed more often then I’d like, but I will never stop being me because people have led me to that. I hold doors, I make promises I keep. I only say what I mean. I apologize when I bump into someone. I like making friends. I’m sorry if you don’t like that person, I’d like to make that decision for myself. I break change so I can donate to the salvation army because I can’t live with my conscience walking by them. I knock something off a hanger and I pick it up and put it back. I try my very hardest to do the right thing, all the time. We are all human, I mess up. But if I can go to sleep at night and know that I haven’t led people astray with my words or actions then I am a happy girl.

Sometimes we want so badly to be accepted that we are willing to bend some to fit in or to make it work. Try that for awhile if you think it seems like a good idea, but trust me sooner or later you’ll feel when you’re out of your comfort zone. Then it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it to stay. Truth is, if the company you’re keeping doesn’t like you just as you are, the work in progress that you are-you are better off without them. It’s never worth sacrificing what you feel is right. Not for anyone. Not for any reason. There will be someone else who cherishes it instead. Refuse to airbrush the real version of you.

Refuse to let someone’s words cut you down. They are angry- they’ll get over it. Refuse to accept that you aren’t good enough because you dont fit into their world. If they don’t see your value, they’re world is probably not for you anyway- chances are they live in it all by themself. Refuse anything less than what you deserve, what you believe in and what you want.  Whether or not you feel like it, there is always someone who gets it.

If there is someone who thinks you should change who you are, even if they hint at it,  think about that incredible little someone you were brought into this world to be and refuse to believe them.

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