Think of this as story time..part deux. I’m here to disenchant you. Think of me as your guardian buddha, fairy realmother. I have no business sugar coating things for you. Maybe it worked for Mary Poppins, topping off medicine with sugar..but correct me if I’m wrong, you’d be taking medicine because something is wrong.

I’m ever so sorry, but it seems that my dose of reality mixed with just the right amount of sarcasm seemed to be effective last go round..so I feel ready to give it another whirl. Take into account the stories that flooded in after that post plus more things I’ve seen and heard and here we are. Remove the rose colored glasses my friends, we’re going there. No holds barred.

You can leave the wool over your eyes if you want and squint to brace yourself for reality. Dying to know but afraid to find out? Don’t be-chances are it’s just exactly what you suspect. If you even have a shadow of a doubt, go with it. As my lovebug grandma would say- and in essence this can be applied in a relationship just as readily with a shirt you’re mulling over purchasing…”When in doubt, do without”.
If you claim not to be a giant (insert name of choice) please don’t do everything imaginable to prove that you are one. Don’t  ip·so fac·to  yourself- prove by the very fact or act.Sometimes there isn’t any explanation beyond the obvious. As in..you’ve provided no action/reason to believe otherwise. As in your actions speak louder than words. “I went shopping and talk is still cheap”.Thanks Weezy baby.
More often than not people use excuses rather than real reasons for things. I don’t have the time. For the record, it’s always the right time to do the right thing. You’d be surprised how difficult this concept is for some people. Oh oh, enter the breadcrumb communicator… the one that leaves you teeny bits and pieces. Little half truths or luring comments, the stuff that you try so hard to piece together to make sense of. Jesus if you’re doing that much work to understand, you have too much time on your hands. Unless of course, you’re dating someone with a heavy accent or who speaks another language-in that case…ooh la la.
Recycling is cute when it comes to items, when it comes to people-not so much. Throwing them in and out of the mix. It’s probably because you’re smart enough to realize there’s at least one worth returning to, but dumb enough to do anything about it. We must of course address the fact that he/she continues to allow themselves to be recycled..I don’t know maybe because we are discussing human beings who may or may not have feelings. Or maybe because he/she is okay with it. Because the surface interaction is sufficient just as it is.By all means my friends, play as you may..someone will eventually forfeit. Kiss him all you want. Sometimes, he’s just a frog (albeit a cute little amphibian with a heart) . Let’s consider frog an endearing term.  There’s no prince charming lurking underneath. 
Don’t be confused, or ruffle your feathers. There are always three sides to every story..his hers and the truth. I am all for equal opportunity, especially when it comes to abuse 😉 Because nobody’s perfect and because if you all couldn’t relate in one way or another you wouldn’t be smirking or laughing right now.
Enter the princess or more likely the damsel in distress. Grow your hair like Rapunzel, put on all the makeup you want, the highest heels, the most delicious perfume you own-if you’re an angry bird it doesn’t change much. Some women are downright man eaters. Those chicks scare me. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. You probably weren’t even scorned-he told you what you didn’t wanna hear. We’ve all been there. Somebody tell that chick to woosa…take some deep breaths, being so angry isn’t pretty. It’s sad how easily they turn against one another when some dude is involved. I assure you, he probably isn’t worth it. And neither is the fool you’re making of yourself. Respect yourself. If you don’t, neither will he. But always, always, always- act like a lady, think like a man 😉 You are so much safer that way.
Go do squats in the castle, bake a pie, volunteer in your kingdom-be who you’d want your prince to be proud of. And by the way- men like curves, dogs like bones. Eat a cheeseburger while you’re at it. 
Bottom line is-be honest and tactful with one another. People don’t walk around with warning labels or instructions, so try to be nice and choose your battles wisely. Always conduct yourself as if there are hidden cameras around. God knows you’d be mortified if someone replayed the nonsense that goes on. How do you think I remember all these stories 😉
Be undeniably real about your dealings with others. Be impeccable with your word. Because at the end of the day, you don’t have any of us fooled, the only one you’re enchanting is yourself.

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