Last night on my way home from work I heard a song by The Fray “Be Still”, they described it as an adult lullaby. One of the group members said he wrote it after trying to help his brother going through a hard time in his life. He said they were up late night into the early morning talking through things, his fears were very present and he was struggling to come to grips with the crossroads he was at and so came the song. We sing lullabies to babies to soothe them, but where are those songs when you need them later in life?

Last week I was witness to one of the most moving funerals I’ve ever been to. Tragically a friend of mine and a friend to many-Kimberly passed away in an accident. If you knew Kimmy you knew her radiance, her infectious laughter, her “make no apologies” love for life and her heart, which was bigger than most. Kimmy was only 23 years old, far too young to leave us, but as we are well aware, life sometimes has plans bigger than we can conceive of. The pain was very present and to me, so was the love. I can’t begin to find the words to soothe her family, her beautiful sisters, but I know I felt her there. “Be still and know that I’m with you, Be still and know that I am here, Be still and know that I’m with you-Be still, be still, and know”

In our friendships, relationships with others we make silent promises without even realizing.  In the most meaningful ones, you offer your love without expecting anything in return. You act without expectation because you want to do everything in your power to support and make them happy. Somehow by just being in one another’s lives there is less to worry about and more to smile for. You are never truly alone even when you’re feeling lonely. “If you forget the way to go, And lose where you came from, If no one is standing beside you, Be still and know I am”

Your promises don’t always need words. And you don’t need the perfect voice to sing your lullaby. They come right from your heart. And if your heart is in the right place, it will be the most beautiful lullaby they’ve ever heard.  

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