Possibly one of the biggest compliments you can receive is to be told you seem comfortable in your own skin. This doesn’t happen by accident. By the time you’re at a place where you’re content just to be yourself, you will have already shed several layers. You may bruise and scrape and scar along the way getting there. You may purposely exfoliate away what you wish to forget or move past. It stretches with you and back again,  protects you, turns colors to give way to emotion and given just the right sensation- reminds you just how alive you really are.

Layers may disappear without you noticing or thicken as well…as you learn to take things in stride. As you learn that your beauty exists beyond your appearance. As you learn to brush things off that don’t actually matter. You’ll fall down, make a fool of yourself and hopefully laugh afterward. You’ll pinch yourself to make sure some things aren’t too good to be true. Your skin is such a tell tale sign of your existence. People know when you’re glowing. That just by smiling you’re emitting your warmth to someone else who may need it. 

There comes a time when you’re less worried about what you wear on the outside of your body. Because at that point, no matter what it is- you wear it well. This rite of passage that not everyone gets to at the same time, that no one can bring you to unwillingly, but immediately recognize when you’ve arrived. You begin to believe in a bigger picture, a greater cause, finding reasons and ways to share your wisdom, love and talents and most importantly your imperfections.

There are people who spend their whole lives trying to “find” themselves…traveling far and wide, nipping and tucking, starving, binging,  likening themselves to others, defining what makes them beautiful by their partners desires. Never stopping to realize their skin is where they are, that no matter how far you run, where you go to hide, who you stand next to, you are always going to be within it. Come to acceptance to be yourself, everyone else is already taken. Use your own judgment. Make your own decisions. Be a healthy skeptic. Speak up. It’s sexier trust me. And by the way…know how you like your own eggs. 
Thank god your skin is a forgiving friend. It heals and rejuvenates. Like anything else, it thrives as you nourish it. It allows you to etch permanence in it if you so choose-artwork that hopefully will carry a similar meaning for you years down the road. It embodies your character. It contains so much more than we can ever understand with a first impression or initial glance. It gives room for life to exist inside. It reacts to the electricity between two people. It is and always will be with you. It will wrinkle as time continues on.. because the outside will give way to the wisdom and beauty that will be so much more important. 

People won’t remember which shade your hair looked best, where your best beauty mark resided, what bags you owned or when you were the most physically fit. They’ll be proud to have been a part of your world. They will remember how you loved them, what you did out of that love, the days you were the happiest. The way you, in your own contentment, made them truly feel accepted for who they were. That somehow without a word, without any verbal recognition, they decided it was time to come into their own. To be comfortable. To be proud and beautiful and wear their skin well. 

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