It’s warmer outside than it’s been in awhile. The light is now here to stay with us. It’s incredible how you can instantly see the difference in people. Brighter faces, bigger smiles given more easily, less clothing, tinted skin. I’ve watched tons of facebook statuses flood in about feeling better, feeling ready, feeling grateful.
At this given moment I feel open. Wholeheartedly ready to take on just about anything…does that sound as obnoxious as it feels writing-because I’m not sorry 😉 I’ve said this before, but instinctively you can feel when someone is open-their heart, their mind, their will. When they want to learn new things, to have an honest conversation, to accept criticism, to be open to possibilities.
I have incredible people in my life- whether they were placed there or I have chosen them, happened into them- they are amazing. I can be myself through and through without worrying. They are supportive and allow me to be open with them. They give me the strength to push forward everyday in all of the things I love. They welcome me with open arms when I need them. I am better because of them.
From here I see an open road. I’m not into dead ends. I can’t see or justify putting energy, emotion or time into something that will be a loss or a waste for anyone involved. I just won’t. Right now I’m enjoying the open road…because it’s endless and because I can take it in and go from there. Because it keeps on going, I’m free to learn and choose as I go.
I urge you to be open. To allow “it” in whatever feels right now, whatever makes you happy,whatever you’d like to change. Think about letting “it” out-whatever doesn’t feel like it’s feeding you anymore, whatever hurts, whatever holds you back, whomever if need be.
Act with open arms to those who need some comforting. 
Open a can of worms, only if you will truly accomplish something worthwhile doing so.
Open your wallet, home, schedule to some cause that needs your attention. 
Because doing so is more fulfilling than you can imagine.
Open your mouth when you have something to say, when you need to advocate for yourself or someone else.
Open your eyes where you’ve kept in the dark for too long. See what’s real and what’s in front of you that only clarity can give you strength for.
Open you heart, there is more room that you can conceive.
Be open to all that is well with your soul 

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