quarter past

I’m a quarter past born and hopefully nowhere near the end.

Time is on my mind.  Probably because I watch so many people waste it. Because I hear so many people talk about it. How timing is everything, or in “time”. When it’s the right time, this person will come to know. Think about how often you hear someone talk about time. When they come into enough money, when they’ll be brave enough to make a change, brave enough to leave, strong enough to stand up for themselves, smart enough to see things clearly. The things that are right in front of their eyes, but the time their wasting wishing it would be different. Time isn’t meant for us to wager. That’s risky business, that’s russian roulette. Let’s get real with ourselves. Time is a concept. It’s intangible, unforeseeable and unstoppable altogether, yet we convince ourselves constantly that somehow we’ll master it. We’ll get it right. Everything will be fine, if only we have a little more time to sort through it all, to meet the deadline, to get better results with a goal, to do just about anything. Time is on my mind, so much so that I’m writing about it. 

As I write, it passes.

I never write at night. If you go back through the 40 some odd entries you’ll see a common thread-that I usually write with my morning glow. Somehow mornings feel lighter, they hold clarity for me, hope for the day ahead..I feel that if I put words out there that inspire others, that somehow I will feel as though I have accomplished something meaningful, which energizes me to get through the not so exciting tasks of the day with a little more stamina. At night-I think if we get caught up, there can be too much time. Things are weighted differently, the day you had, the people you dealt with, the feelings you felt, they resonate. They stay with you, before you can escape them enough to fall asleep-and even then sometimes beyond.

When I dream, it passes.

This past weekend we gained daylight in exchange for “time”. Time passed us by since November when we turned the clocks back, so now we go forward..forward toward more light and warmth. I hope that it brings you closer to something you want or need or dream about. That it energizes you again where you may have allowed time to creep up on you. 

Even if you to choose to ignore it, it passes.

Time doesn’t heal…you do. Time doesn’t fly, life does. Time stops for no one. Unfortunately, it isn’t always on our side. It isn’t always our friend. Time is our teacher.  It will respect you when you respect it. When you value it. When you cherish it. When you stop taking it for granted. 

The trouble with time is, you can’t get it back.  You may always fall prey to wishing for more of it, maybe now you can start practicing making it count. Create more of it for what you want to do, who you want to do it with. At the end of the day, always remember there’s truly only one person who controls the clock. Right now he has me at a quarter past my life.

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