“May you find inspiration in the big picture, but may you find love in all the little details.”
This weekend flew past me but it was filled with some memorable nuggets. Nuggets, as I affectionately refer to them, meaning small interactions or happenstances that, in the bigger scheme of things might be lost, but on their own, hold plenty of value-that is at least to me. 
My sister and I hosted a bachelorette party for our mom this Saturday. She remarries in less than two weeks now after losing my dad eight years ago. You’ve heard me talk about her and her new husband either outright or woven into some of my previous postings throughout these past months. We are delighted for them, for their happiness and for their love found.
In the midst of helping plan for the wedding there have been bits and pieces to plan, knick knacks to buy and little details of love to incorporate. One of my favorite moments this weekend happened in Target. Yup, big ole red bulls-eye Target. I purchased an article of clothing, for a mini project for the wedding and unfortunately it wasn’t the right fit, so I had to go to another store to exchange it. I headed over to the women’s department to look for the item but to no avail couldn’t locate it myself. I spotted a sales associate and went over to get her attention. I tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around and smiled to which I started to explain what I was looking for. She smiled again, pointed to her ear and motioned for me to lower my voice. She was deaf. I instantly felt several emotions; first embarrassed to have potentially caused her physical discomfort and then partially melted from her smile, bubbly personality and willingness to help given her obvious impairment.
Sweet, sweet girl. She took the item and looked at the tag and walked me up and down the aisles herself. Without words I could tell she was becoming frustrated as well because she seemed proud to know her section. Eventually she kind of pouted and threw her hands in the air as a sign of defeat and apology. I smiled back and told her it was more than okay. I kind of wanted to hug her, but I have to remind myself occasionally that affection is not always appropriate with strangers! Haha (Lisa that’s classic kindergarten stuff, get it through your head)
As I was leaving the store I couldn’t help but reflect on just how lucky most of us are. We take so much for granted and sometimes dwell on (excuse my French) inconsequential shit. Shit we can’t necessarily change, that doesn’t even actually matter and most importantly shouldn’t when compared to what’s real. Like prior to my trip to Target I was probably annoyed about smudging my manicure for that night… point made. Now I feel a tap on my shoulder and it’s the sales associate. She has a look of glee and takes out a small white marker-board writing on it “\Don’t go…I found“. Not I found it, I found. But clearly it was enough for me to understand..Her excitement and pride was precious, moving really. So we walked back together and she delivered. I know this may seem a long way to make a small point but I wouldn’t be a writer if I didn’t do that. 
I was so appreciative to her. Not just for the item but for the lesson. Don’t dare complain about the wrong stuff. Also, not for nothing but she was just the biggest sweetheart. It was endearing to see a young person, no older than 17-18 be insistent in her job. Isn’t it so often that you have to deal with grumpy people who make it painstakingly obvious that they’d rather be elsewhere than their shift at work? She made me proud. I work with students everyday and practically have to beg borrow and steal to get them to do anything without moaning and groaning! I don’t know her or if I’ll ever see her again but my interaction with her was a nugget I won’t soon forget.Thank you pretty girl.
That night at the bachelorette there were plenty of picture worthy moments of mom sharing in fun with her family and close friends…and pictures there were. My aunt in particular has a love of photography and personalized gifts always giving loving, creative, meaningful gifts that last. I could envision her next project watching her snap away during dinner and after. It was so rewarding to me that everyone around the table gave us time found for that night and for celebrating my mom. She is a truly special person and deserved every minute of fuss made for her. Another favorite nugget would be watching her dance around with her sash on, carefree, unbound by everyday worries/struggles that seem to trip us up. She has some rhythm that little lady.

My weekend brings me to the realization that even when we’re not looking intentionally a lot can be found. The sweatshirt, their second chance at love, how beautiful and supportive a circle we have. Sometimes the greatest gifts in life and love can be found in the everyday little details of life. Go find them.

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