I’m gonna go to town right now..with all the things I want to say. All the things that are right at the forefront of my brain. All I haven’t written about in over a month. I’m in Starbucks, in a nook with a coffee and my get serious and write glasses and I’m on a mission. There are women to my right chatting it up. Moms probably because they’re talking about their kids and their schedules. The coffee shop is across the street from the train station and there are people coming and going to god knows where. The baristas here are sweet. They’re young and pretty and probably in college. I like the green color in the Starbucks logo. I just can’t stop. I’m excited and can’t even exactly put my finger on it. I just want to write til my fingers fall off. Okay fine that’s slightly absurd but I mean, it’s just true. Too bad they close at 10. Where do I find a late night cafe in the suburbs? Maybe I’ll venture down the street to the wine bar when they close- then you’d all be in for a treat 😉

Today flew by me faster than I could even imagine. All I did was talk. To my students, to colleagues, to organizations across the county, to the gas station attendant, the dry cleaning front counter woman, the woman at dunkin donuts where I get my tea, my boss, my best friend, my mentor and now I just want to be alone with my thoughts.

I’ve been thinking about a business idea-I mean what do I know about starting a business?  But I’ve been thinking about how much I love words. I love words and they bring me so much joy to use and play with and manipulate. I love it when someone asks me to help them re word something or come up with a more eloquent way to deliver a message and it gets me thinking about what a gift someone’s word can be. It can be so simple but so sweet and so poignant and then so poisoning so powerful so everlasting all in the same. I think I should, somewhere in my life, start a small business- something along the lines of “My Gift, My Word”. Be kind to me and don’t steal it please. It isn’t trademarked or anything. Say someone needs to write a toast for a wedding and just can’t find the words-knows the gist of what they feel and what they’d like to say but just can’t make it come together on paper. Maybe it’s a new mom who wants to start a journal to her child, a keepsake for the baby to have and read years later and is too emotional to put pen to paper. Maybe you want to say you’re sorry and sorry doesn’t seem enough. Maybe it’s partially life coaching to some extent. To want to work with people to understand what they mean, what they feel and how to get it out. Free them, invigorate them, give them the power of their very own words but with some help. I have to see. But I want to do something. 

I want to make something bigger of this blog. Stay tuned because I think it needs a facelift. I know nothing about the techy side of design so I was inspired when I saw a few other sites lately. I love a challenge so I’ll be damned if I can’t figure out how to do it.

This entry is a mad dash to purge some words. I sound like a mad woman 😉 I’m not, I swear. 
The next one or two will be a lot more cohesive…they’ll serve a purpose, they’ll tell a story and send a message, give a lesson.

But this one was just a bunch of stuff. Sometimes you just need to think out loud. Rid yourself of the stuff, the distractions, the static. The stuff you just can’t pinpoint but it has to come out…and if you spoke it to anyone-they’d look at you like your hair was standing up in all directions around your head. 

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