Next month I move into the second half of my twenties. Initially I had said that the six sounded scary to me, but now more than ever, I’m itching to see what it has to offer. If the excitement I feel most days is any indication, I am in a very good place. And this is not just happenstance, it’s about the world I somehow have created around me. This infectious childlike thrill I feel for the most routine things because I appreciate them on a different level than I have before. The chance to spend time with incredible people I haven’t known prior and to see the world in small little pockets on weekends and spur of the moment adventures. I’ve arrived somewhere incredible and it doesn’t have a name I can put my finger on just yet. All I know is there’s no room for anything inauthentic. No bluffing.

Block island proved to be as breathtaking as I had heard and imagined when invited by a close friend. Crisp with sophistication, ripe with a mariner’s touch, a welcoming air and host to many a visitors’ memories of summer at it’s best. It delivered on every account and proved to me yet again just how lucky I am to be able to give myself the time to escape and refresh, reinvigorate and reflect. Recount my blessings, add to that list and believe in a greater, divine intervention in everyday life. I mean how else can you explain that flight we survived? The one we got on that simulated a roller coaster and then delivered us right back to where we started. Unscathed but shaken we still were determined to get there and created an alternative route. In that experience, while you’re life flashed before you, it was very clear you only get to go around you better start deciding what you want and what you don’t, who you are and who you’re not and who you allow to feed your soul. You luckily have a lot more control than you might allow yourself to think.

Sunday morning recounts of the night you had before are by far one of the most comical and bonding experiences you can have. Usually still wearing some of last night’s makeup and perhaps an article or two that you couldn’t manage..err…scratch that-didn’t care to remove. Uncontrollable belly laughs. The kind you have when you’re a kid. Just happens to be one of my favorite things in the world. EVER. And I’ve had more of these in the last year plus then all my life combined. Because when you can laugh at yourself and that you made it home in one piece because of the kick ass people you spend your time with-how can you lose? Albeit silly, these are years we’ll never get back so if we aren’t fully living them now, then when? We’re unapologetic and we’re celebrating our lives-from birthdays months away to new jobs and everything in between. 

The mopeds weren’t happening…at least not for the four of us who couldn’t get the knack of it. If we had survived a rough plane ride I sure as hell wasn’t risking my life on that thing. I’m not a cat. I liked Block Island and planned to come home and write about we took the bikes. Just us and the open road-oh and some headaches and bellies coated with mudslides. Up hills we weren’t prepared for or in any shape to take on. But up we went because it was fun, particularly hilarious to watch one another and commiserate but laughing all along..really really hard. The end result we knew would be breathtaking views from the bluffs of the island, and then of course the chance to ride back down. At the top of a 150 step staircase down the landscape, we had sweeping views. Knock your socks off, humble yourself at the power of nature, kind of views. At the foot of the stairs we tried, as clumslessly (yup, not a word) as we could, to navigate our way down the rock path to the beautiful stretch of beach. And then we quickly peeled off unnecessary garments and let the sea wash us calm. Release the tension of the ride up. Help us unwind for the way down. Truth be told- I stole a rock. And I’m really not sorry for it. The shoreline will survive. I really wanted a physical reminder of the serenity I felt there in that place, in that moment. I think I do enough good for one rock thank you very much.

Today I had the chance to visit two very large scale, progressive, global companies in new york city-something I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to do prior to the promotion I just received. Creating this next phase of my life truly has run across many parts of my world professionally and personally. So for where I am at work I’m grateful as well. At one of the companies they shared core beliefs they use to inspire their employees and I related to them very much. So much so that I feel the need to infuse them in this entry-“work for someone who believes in you-because if they believe in you they will invest in you” Which also for me means knowing your worth. Coming to that understanding may be gradual but once you know it, it will trickle into every other part of your life. Be transparent. Which essentially means be yourself, be honest, be genuine and be present. There was also a very evident work life balance being echoed in both organizations. Bringing fun to work. Offering comfortable environments where people could be serious without a suit. The principles support bringing one’s whole self to work in order to do the best job they are capable of because they feel good doing it. A culture of celebrating the innovation and unique brand that each and every individual is. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. So do what you love and do it often. And even if you’re 65 and haven’t found it yet-keep looking

Alot of life is a silent, qualifying competition of those who get it and those who don’t. By this I’m not being snarky. What I mean to say is, it becomes evident who is more self aware, which is usually right around when people tend to excel and why they surround themselves with others who strengthen their character. They can sense when someone else is just as open as they are, when they aren’t hiding anything and when they decide that their skin is exactly where they need to be. This race is no joke-it’s a jungle out there people and it’s kinda like darwinism, so you better get your game up. Start being honest with yourself about where you’re at, where you’re going, how you plan to get there and who you plan to let catch you if you fall down a few steps. Who you want to stand beside you on your way up. Who you allow to see you fold under the pressure. Who you confide your dreams and aspirations to. 

When you’re making good decisions, the kind you can feel in your gut work, fit and matter it’s a kind of peace and reassurance nothing else can give you. You’ve heard everyone say “you’ll just know”..and trust me, you will. It really is that simple once you try the hell to stop figuring it out. Give it up already control freak 😉

On the ride home from my weekend I came to this revelation …”The truth of the matter is, if it doesn’t isn’t your truth” Once something/someone/someplace doesn’t hold the same value or meaning it once did, it isn’t meant for you. It isn’t your truth. Be brave enough to find what is. The reward will be invaluable. 

Tonight I’m calling your bluff. Where are you being inauthentic? What do you choose to tell yourself instead of the truth? What are your insecurities and who allowed you to believe them? We only get to do this once. Lies don’t belong stealing your shot at happiness. And bandaids can only last so long covering up what hurts. Go see something beautiful with people that you love.  It will give you just the right amount of energy to see your path more clearly. 

“Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death”  

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