I have to be honest-I thought a lot more carefully about what I would order at Starbucks knowing I was meeting a PhatBurn client 😉 If you’re going to hang with someone as serious about their goals as these guys, you better at least try to blend in. So my big splurge was a Pellegrino and greek yogurt. (Don’t throw things at me if even that’s not allowed).

Right off the bat I knew she was no joke. No fear, no hiding, sat right at the front window of Starbucks waiting for me. That’s confidence. Jen is a 28 year old Westchester resident, PhatBurn client, advocate and bad ass. She isn’t shy about her weight loss goals and the incredible program she’s so adamant is helping her get there.

Us ladies know the feeling when your jeans are just a little bit too tight, but you refuse to buy the next size because you’ll make it work. Jen tells me that’s when she knew it was just about time to get serious about finding a program that “fit”. She’d tried Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and several other weight loss regimens but nothing got her excited enough or engaged to the level of true commitment. Having an incredible support system can fuel you to accomplish all kinds of things-so when Jen’s uncle suggested PhatBurn’s three fold approach- she was definitely interested to know more. Her initial reaction was that it seemed intense. Fair enough. Since she’s a warrior that didn’t stop her. The model made sense and the team behind the program were unmatched for their enthusiasm and passion for changing peoples’ lives. They live it, they don’t just sell it. The trifecta gets it done- feed you, train you, school you.  

Jen’s favorite part of the program is the one to one attention placed on each client’s needs and providing the appropriate support- with an extra dose of reality. It isn’t going to be a walk in the park-more like you’ll sweat your ass off and then come back for more because you’re addicted. Group classes are constantly changing, exercises mixed up and revamped to keep both the clients and their muscles guessing. For Jen, it adds an edge of excitement to never really know just what to expect. Being “in it” with the other students helps. There is something about watching others dig deep for the workout that motivates you one step further. Since he’s a gem- the personal trainer Andrew will adjust an exercise for her if need be. Just keep moving. 

Combine the personal training, the freshly prepared daily meals, the nutritionist and venting sessions with the founding partners and you’ve got yourself a village. We all know, sometimes it takes a village. One thing that rang loud and clear from Jen was that PhatBurn is so easy to love because it’s a thoughtless process.  You show up for class, get an incredible workout surrounded by people who are sharing in your infectious energy and goals for wellness. Your food is ready for pick up for the next day and it’s freakin’ GOOD. Some of Jen’s favorites are the turkey chili and the pulled honey glazed chicken salad. Even more-what you don’t like doesn’t need to be on the menu. Feedback allows the chef to prepare more of what you want…so you stay fueled and salivating for more. All the while you know the program has been customized specifically for your body composition, your goals and that you’re getting healthier without ever having to guess. There’s a lot of trust in this. It’s an investment-that’s no secret. But if you aren’t investing in yourself, who is? Being in the presence of other success stories themselves is enough proof. 

Nothing good ever comes easy. Sacrifice and falling off track are only what’s real when you’re making such tremendous life changes. Jen’ smile is very telling when she admits that if and when she “cheats” the PhatBurn team is there to snap her right back. They help her compensate for her indiscretions. They’re human too. 

She has a glow about her. I don’t know her very long but I’m proud of her. She knows her goals are long term and there is a lot of work to be done but she wants it. When I ask her what this transformation means to her she essentially admits it feels good to be in her own skin. The confidence she has now and the strength of her self esteem have truly shocked her. It’s evident to me that she’s empowered. Now in her second cycle she’s seeing the results she wants and knows it can only get better from here. She’s fueled to keep going and I can’t wait to see it happen for her. She doesn’t believe in shortcuts anymore because they don’t work.

Her gift to herself will be a great summer wardrobe for the cruise she plans to take next year. The one her family will be with her on-those who have been so incredibly supportive in her journey. Seems to me like that isn’t the only family that’s helped her get to where she is…the PhatBurn clan is doing a damn good job too.

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