Let’s get talking about a little thing called life. I’m sitting in a small storefront in Philadelphia where my cousin and his partner run their startup company. The lime green awning outside can be seen for blocks- very kermit the frog”esque”. Definitely catches your eye. The walls are adorned with quotable items- a sign that reads “think outside the box” and magnets with other inspirational phrases. Both of them left substantial salaried positions to create their vision because they knew there was something more they wanted to do.  Climbing the corporate ladder for them was equivalent to listening to nails on a chalk board. 

Their office is across the street from a cemetery. If that isn’t irony-I don’t know what is. For me it’s this friendly little reminder from the universe. Clock is ticking. God knows if you don’t start living now that’s where you’re headed. I happen to find humor in these things. Maybe I make too much meaning out of the ordinary, but I’d rather believe it’s what keeps me inspired. I personally am in the midst of a quarter life crisis-take that back, enlightenment.  I won’t keep quiet about the fact that people should be paying closer attention to how much they are actually enjoying their lives. How was your day? Go check your pulse and get back to me. Excuse the sarcasm here but it’s my job as devil’s advocate. I certainly do enough pussy footing around to boost your ego-every now and then I have to bring you back down to earth. Make you take a hard look in the mirror, stock in your life, progress of your relationships.

I’d been thinking for days that I’d name this entry “more” and this morning’s trip to CVS was all the confirmation I needed. While paying, the magazine in plain site was entitled the exact same thing so it seemed only right.  Maybe it’s our generation, but I really hate saying that in a negative connotation. I’m pretty turned off when I hear us referred to as “entitled”. Why-because we want results? We like them sooner rather than later.  Here’s a wake up call-that’s how the world functions nowadays whether we like it or not. I N S T A N T A N E O U S. Is it really so bad that we’re brave enough to say we’d like to stand apart and pave our own way? That we have a little faith in our own talents?  Isn’t that a testament to those who prepared us for the world at hand. Don’t tell us we don’t know what hard work is. Chances are by going it alone we’ll be putting in more hours than we ever imagined, but we’ll like it, because it’s gonna mean something. Because we get to say it’s authentic. Because we get to be proud.

Whew-that was exhausting. I’m getting off my soap box now. Maybe we aren’t all cut out to be entrepreneurs or pioneers. Clearly there are obligations we need to meet and priorities we need to get in order. I’m not suggesting we all go live in Woodstock and count our money. I just implore you to decide on your “more” . What else do you want? Who can help you make it come to life? Where haven’t you been? Who do you want? Okay fine, who do you want to try for? 😉 

The second you find yourself contemplating what more there is to life-you’ve been bitten. I don’t feel sorry for you, I’m glad. Welcome to the club. We’re glad you’re here but don’t get comfortable-because that would completely negate the point. Get excited, get inspired, get the hell moving.  There’s more ahead than you can even imagine so get ready.

As far as I’m concerned -the more, the merrier.

“May you always be bothered, may you always stay hungry” Father McShane

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