If I stopped you dead in your tracks and asked you how the view was, would you call me crazy? Sometimes it may not seem possible to see a greater vision or the “whole picture” from where you are right now.  My hope for you is that every now and then you are reminded of where you stand, why you’re there and if you’re aware enough-just how meaningful your view is.  Just how special you are, the infinite good within you, your intrinsic value, what you’re doing here and all the reasons you matter. That’s true love. What are you doing with it?

Yesterday I had the honor of participating in a big reveal. Operation Prom, a nonprofit of which I am a board member, has chosen to sponsor a prom for the Channel View High School out in Far Rockaway, NY-an area devastated by Hurricane Sandy. We went to tell them they now have something to celebrate after the adversity they’ve faced and the resilience they’ve shown. Gorgeous dresses with tags up for grabs, free tuxedo rentals and tickets to the main event. Their gratitude was palpable, the room buzzed with excitement. Several students lingered afterwards to make certain they had heard right, it was very touching. “Are you sure? The tuxedo and the ticket are completely paid for? All of it?” Their expressions were like Christmas morning when you’ve gotten the gift you had at the top of your list. As if they couldn’t comprehend how deserving they were. When you haven’t had lights, heat or other amenities I’m sure we typically take for granted, it’s amazing how different your view is. How humbled you are. What a gift it was to share in making their lives just a little bit brighter.

Life will bring you places, the scenery may change and so will the players. Your view on it is entirely up to you.  The nice thing is, your view can shift.  In fact I challenge you to see things a bit differently from time to time. Think about looking at it from someone else’s perspective, from another angle, inside out and upside down if you like to be thorough. If looking back hurts, don’t-you’re not going that way.  Your view should exist from where you are and where you’d like to go. Keep focused on that. Feed it with truth. 

There may be times it’s compromised by distractions, by fear. Sometimes it’s hard to look out because looking in is even more difficult. These may be the times we choose rose colored glasses. Find people to help you see your challenges through so you can look beyond them. 

Here’s my wish for you with love– do things that elevate you. Be surrounded with people who lift you up, because I promise the view from the top is breathtaking. See for yourself.

*If you can, give from your heart…

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