I promise this is not a race
A gift instead we get to face
With pride and faith we meet each day
Take from it all we can relay
This life is full if so are we
With gratefulness and piety 
We needn’t plead or beg or chase
It is meant for us to live by grace
Let your light be known and seen
Take in all that is serene
Love and live to be admired
Look back with pride at what’s transpired
Embrace yourself and all you seek
The gifts you give the world unique
For no one get’s to tell you when
Where or why you should begin
To live your truest sense of self
To tap into eternal wealth

I promise this is not a race
No finish line or preset pace
No dollars measure who you are
No number, size or kind of car
Be known for how you lend a hand
Marvel at the sky and sand
Take note and love the little things
Be open to what life will bring
Have faith in you and what you know
Learn even more and you shall grow
Go left, go right, go upside down
Treat others as they wear a crown 
Be not afraid to meet their souls
Be near them as they reach their goals
Give without a single need
It is then your heart will feed

I promise this is not a race
Be genuine and show your face
Have faith in the dreams you dare
Do all things big and small with care
Try hard to keep your word and trust
For honesty is a must 
Hearts have memories all their own
Be someone you’d be proud to know
Take not for granted those who give
For they too can then be missed
Live honestly and free of regret
Hold lessons from all you’ve met

I promise this is not a race
So take your time and find your place

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