I’m here to expose a few things. Yes, in this piece right now as you’re reading it but also, in life. I don’t suppose I’m going to change the world but I can certainly start a few ripples. The pairing of our words and actions is so incredibly profound that we likely can’t always stop to consider it. I, however, in the past 2 years have come to believe in it so wholly that it was in fact an impetus for my small business mygiftmyword. For I am given evidence everyday of how my words translate to reality. How words can move people. How it can challenge them to bare their truth. 

I choose to bare my soul. A lot. This may seem melodramatic but if you are one of those who “get it” it won’t require much explanation. I take my personal interactions so to heart because if I’m not representing my truest self, who is? I’m not talking about walking around reciting poetry or telling my deepest, darkest secrets. I mean when I show up, it’s all of me. Everyday. I’m not afraid of my vulnerability. I am proud of the good stuff and sure as hell know that I’ve got things to work on. So if I trust you and we have a mutual respect why shouldn’t I allow you to help me highlight those things. Why wouldn’t I want to have meaningful discussions and interactions that could then-expand my awareness, build my knowledge, challenge my viewpoint and strengthen my character. I put my cards on the table. I don’t believe in lies and misgivings. I bare my soul because in doing so I find kindred spirits. I am drawn to and draw those who are on a similar journey with their hearts wide open.

I get hurt. Some times. With your heart wide open it can get you into some sticky situations. In being so honest, people get confused. Scared maybe. And unfortunately for me there are those times some are intimidated. This is where I could use some help. What are people afraid of? Have we gotten so far from honesty, empathy and compassion as a natural instinct and way of behaving that it is strange to meet someone who says what they mean and means what they say? Who would give you the shirt off their back simply because you could use it. I smile because it’s contagious. I offer because I’d like to help. I’m real because I’d like the same back. Work with me here. If you plan on being a fair weather friend or a half interested lover then you should probably not bother. Please understand the strength it takes to be this delicate. Instead of being intimidated-try intrigued. Spend the time it takes to expose what’s underneath the surface.  BELIEVE in the depth.

I don’t do well in shallow waters.  Being a 20 something, unmarried, successful woman is a feat in and of itself. Bare in mind how easily some people you know have attached themselves to others in hope of finding an identity. It doesn’t work for long. Sooner or later one part of the equation is tired of defining the other. Decide how you like your own eggs. People like when you bring it. I’m sorry I should rephrase-smart people, brave people. It should be fun to challenge one another and take stock in what makes the other tick. Show an interest. Get to know me. I am humbled by a compliment but not interested in flattery. If my package is something you’re drawn to unfortunately we’re only about 1% of the way there because I am so much more than my exterior. You are too you handsome devil. Same goes for you beautiful, you’re a whole bunch of layers underneath that surface. I’m not afraid to peel them back. 

Don’t be afraid to bare your skin.  This is where some of my readers may shift a little in their seats. I apologize in advance for making anyone uncomfortable because it’s not my intention. From now on it is all truth and nothing but the truth. YOU ARE PERFECT exactly as you are. That scar on your back, the acne on your face, the freckles you so desperately hate. Quit all the makeup all the time ladies. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see someone who shows up bare to the bone every now and then. Guys tell me all the time how much they take notice of a woman’s  natural beauty. Those are the kind of guys you want to wake up next to. They are interested in the woman you are right then and there. What a gent.  Not the barbarian at the gym or the bar that you have to dress to impress. Give him something to work for. Actually, leave some for the imagination for the love of God-please. 

If it’s right, when your comfortable and ready, when you just can’t wait anymore..bare all of it. There isn’t another time I know of when you can be so incredibly real with a person. Sometimes the meeting of two souls happens in the act. When it’s just so inexplicably real. There are no secrets here, no others, just the two of you. If you find that kind of real, the kind that your body reacts to, there’s a reason for it. No make believe in those moments. When you bare it all, you give a very sacred gift of yourself. At the bare minimum, when you decide who to give that to, respect that person with every fiber of your being. Whatever is the most important thing you can think of in your world-hold it to the same standards. Seriously. You will regret someday if they brought their soul to it and you didn’t match their sincerity. 

Bare your truth. Much is to be said for honesty. Get in there, get messy, sort it out and go live it. If you aren’t sure what your truth is create it. Your thoughts and words translate to reality if you have the strength to take the necessary steps. Pray on them, set intentions, plan for your goals. Ask for help then embrace it. Love those people who are willing to be there when no on else is. The ones who have seen you at your rawest, your barest. 

I want to share with you a gift I was recently given, a tool I am strong enough to use.

“Today I can take off my cape. I am not afraid to be bare

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