When you left us there were pieces
Scattered on the floor
Some were hard to handle
Too small and sharp for sure

Tiny little memories of what life used to be
Mismatched and jagged edges
Not paired so easily

To clean the mess was tricky
It took some time to know
There was no right or wrong way
No stage light or a show

Where should the pieces go now
Can’t bare to see them gone
All together they made sense 
And now you’re far beyond

You’ve probably seen me struggle
With glue from time to time 
It used to fit so easily
Back then when it was fine

There are pieces on the floor
Ones that make no sense
You left and there was silence 
It took time to comprehend 

Sometimes I feel you ’round me
I think I hear your voice
I went and bought some new things
Because I had no choice

Those pieces were a framework
Of what life then came to be
Where I chose to carry on from
When I became a stronger me
They now make up a puzzle
A lifetime it may take
To sort through and accept 
There’s a story that they make

If you’re ever left with pieces
Please know there’s something that’s in store 
Sometimes they’re tiny lessons
Just knocking at your door

When you left us there were pieces
Strewn across the floor
I had to pick them up 
They couldn’t stay there anymore 

In loss and pain we wonder
Just how we’ll make it through
My pieces, a reminder 
That in my heart I carry you 

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