Today was my angel’s birthday. I decided that required a weekend of celebrating life. I also was asked to commit to a year of yes. What a better day than this? I hope I’ve peaked your interest. Yes you say? Let me fill you in on this secret, what we’re about to embark upon together. L i f e- as sweet as it gets. Next chapters, new surroundings, places I have yet to see and the remarkable people I will meet along the way. Taking the world by storm one little beautiful syllable after the other-with powerful words. 


For a long time I’ve been conditioned to say, “This will have to wait” “Now may not be the best time”. For one thing I have always put others ahead of myself. I’m not asking for a pat on the back, a golden trophy or stickers professing how cool I am, it actually comes second nature. Selfless love seems simple. I choose to find the beauty of those in my world, to highlight their strengths and stand at their side while on this journey together. It’s too often we tear one another down as a reflection of our own insecurities, our fears of the unknown, of being hurt and even worse, left. In my book, as tough as it may present at the time, I choose to let adversity strengthen my faith and ability to love. It’s even more deeply rooted then. Loving those who may come rough around the edges isn’t always easy. Truth be told, they need it most. I am not afraid to try. What’s the worst that can happen, they leave me more loved than they came? Poor lucky bastards 😉 

Challenge could easily be my middle name.  I happen to like a little friendly competition more than most. I am not afraid to fall down, hard. Some of my scars tell the greatest stories. The things I’ve tried and hadn’t been so graceful at. I’ve been called a trooper. Damn right. There are worse things to be known as. You learn a lot by laughing at yourself. Take for example the glasses on my face right now, with tape on them. Straight up nerd gear. Mistakes aren’t a part of my repertoire, only lessons. Each and every one making me even more fit for what’s next. I say yes to trying. I say hell yes to succeeding. 

A very wise, incredible woman asked me to start today and say yes this year. Accept invitations I’m extended, favors I am offered and working my ass off so that I can enjoy them whenever I damn well please. Say yes to doing cool shit..of course I’m in. Do I look like I’m kidding? Now let’s not get silly I won’t go jumping out of planes or fighting fire breathing dragons. I sure as hell can commit to allowing the next year of my life to be a turning point. From here on out I decide now is the best time to begin the best time. That I, as much as anyone else, deserve to be just a tiny bit more selfish-in the least offensive, most healthy way that is possible. Get used to it.

Ha, I made you nervous for a second there. Let your energy be infectious. Get under people’s skin-the right way. Leave them wanting more. Anybody- men, women, children, canines. Get excited about life. The little things. I promise it works. I am living proof. Let your laugh be contagious. Develop smile lines and deal with it. Say yes to anything that really gets your blood pumping. It’s probably worth it.

And last but certainly not least-Worry ’bout YAself!! You have to watch this video. It truly puts me in the greatest mood. This little person sends a strong message. Worry about yourself. Cause there ain’t a damn other person who will if you don’t first. Always of course, with please and thank you’s in hand.
Mind your P’s & Q’s. 

Today I made peace with my past. I am done with the maybes and somedays. Life doesn’t want me to “wait”. It’s now or never. Bull by the horns.  Today I got comfortable with the idea of saying YES because it feels like the best time to invest in myself once and for all. 

I am faith, I am love, I am deserving. The universe has my back-and yes it looks good 😉 

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