Today I pass a worry jar so we can put them all inside
I think they’re better written out so they don’t have to hide
Though they’re uninvited they sneak up when they can
Sometimes they shake our own beliefs and take us by the hand
They try to lead us down a path that’s often fraught with doubt
To test our strength and courage, to speak falsely from our mouths

Please give me your worries, take them from your mind
I’ll help you write them out so we can leave them far behind
The worry jar will keep them, add to it as we need
Instead we’ll learn to focus on all the things that we believe

Doubts will never feed us instead erode our faith
Never feel alone in this, many can relate
You’re bigger than your fears, stronger than concerns
You’re much more important than just how much you earn
Your beauty is immeasurable, your smile lights the room
I challenge you to fight the threat of impending doom

Your worries have no place to threaten a sound mind
It may take some practice, but learn to give it time
Remember all your worth and your true purpose here
Write out what may frighten you, I’ll bring the jar right near 

Learn to disregard them because they simply aren’t true
You see they’re only thoughts, they cannot amount to you

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