There are lots of little people on the beach today. I can hear and see their excitement as they watch the waves crash up onto shore. Some are shrieking in terror as their carefully crafted sand masterpieces are toppled over. They’re lathered in sunscreen and what’s exposed of their limbs are turning a golden brown hue. Their noses are pink and their hair is tangled from the breeze and salty from the water. The hues of their locks range from citrus honey to brown sugar and silky black-all of them sun kissed. Their world is very narrowly focused here because all they know to do is to play, to build something beautiful with their hands, or continue climbing on their boards to be thrown off-yet they giggle and are glad to try again. Their laughter is infectious. I don’t know any of them but they make me happy. Their work today is to be at the beach and there isn’t a thing in the world they’re thinking of otherwise. They’re so smart these little people. They teach us lessons even here without knowing it. In their play their making memories as their families look on-partially in protection but also in pride. I am just an onlooker but I’m gifted with these memories of my own. There are little people on the beach today-creating big lessons unbeknownst to them

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