You always have yourself. No matter how much love you share with your partner, your family, your friends-this relationship with yourself is supreme. Be sure to nurture it with the same care you would a newborn child. There is always some aspect of your being that is still to be uncovered. Discover yourself. Be brave enough to admit that there are qualities that need enhancing and experiences you’ve yet to encounter that will continue your growth. Love your body and all it’s imperfections. It holds your heart, your intuitive gut, the eyes given you to marvel at a beautiful world and that amazing brain of yours just waiting to learn all there is to know. It’s covered in skin that reacts to all the emotions you can imagine. You may have scars but don’t be ashamed of them-they tell a story, some that may take longer to be comfortable with but eventually you can tell them if you’d like. Share yourself with those of your choosing. You are a gift. Repeat it aloud. You are a gift & you always have yourself…what a blessing 

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