Losing sight of magic can happen easily. More often than we’d like guilt and obligation can trump what we truly desire and find the most pleasure in. This is because we tend to function by design instead of living by virtue of our own nature.

Along your life you’ve become yourself. You have innate qualities that become the premise of your personality and beautifully intricate idiosyncrasies. Tidbits of your being that you don’t think mean for much, but would be the way your loved ones would describe you to the world. Your quirky behavior, a signature laugh, the way you twirl your hair or crack your knuckles. The phrases you’re famous for, the sway in your walk that causes your jewelry to make noise. These may sound silly but they’re real. Whether or not you recognize it, its all part of your magic. It’s why you’re mother thinks your so fabulous and brags about you to the world and why your children, to you, are perfect. It’s the reason you stand in awe of them after they’ve been tucked in and their eyes are closed. It’s why you stare at your lover fast asleep taking in all the little details. In those moments of complete stillness, we wonder at their beauty and the love we feel because it’s the closest thing to magic we can understand.

In euphoric states we have the most tempting clarity. We see our world and relationships in the most enhanced light. It’s where we make sense, believe in our dreams and would like to stay in physical sensation. It’s why adrenaline, endorphins and aphrodisiacs bring about such welcomed feelings. Momentary magic we’d like to never leave. It’s a rush and a gift we owe ourselves more of. To some extent it requires attempt of our own or our partner’s, but it’s where you’d find your instinct basking effortlessly. 

Find some magic in the daylight. Spend a little more time looking at something that fascinates or perplexes you, make a call to someone who makes you laugh. Laugh hard and for as long as you need. Get lost a little bit. Take a different route. Walk instead of drive. Keep your phone in your pocket and don’t look at your watch if you don’t have to.  Texts and time will be there when you return. Build a rocket ship out of cardboard or a fort with your sheets. Add sprinkles to an ice cream cone and lick it as it trickles down your finger.

Make some magic for someone else. Smile at a stranger, it may be the most they get all day. Write a love note on a post it-leave it in their car, a lunch bag, on a mirror or a keyboard. When you get home maybe just stand still ’til someone asks. Share the moment for exactly what it is, for no particular reason other than to connect uninterrupted. 

Kids believe in magic because they have no reason not to. The world is mystical itself and they’re happy just to play there. The elderly see magic in everything from their grandchildren to that piece of technology they don’t understand, because they know better than not to. Because they aren’t taking one more minute for granted. Then there are the sick who have happened into rearranging their world to see the truth. To get up and leave and go see the places they’ve been meaning to. They may get brave and  are willing to dare-to awaken those endorphins and re-invite adrenaline. They say what most people are afraid to and sometimes laugh the loudest in the crowd. Their pride and facades fade while they embrace simple joys and treasure the smallest interactions, as we all should. My hope is that you don’t wait to become part of the latter two groups to find and create some magic. 

“Reality can rearrange your world in really good ways” This simple quote is resonating with me today after I watched an incredible video by a beautiful young woman who lost her battle with cancer. She spoke about prioritizing and living after the news when others might have forfeited the game in fear and worry altogether.

Rearrange your world in even the smallest of ways because a difference in perspective can mean all the difference. Rearrange the players if they don’t belong there anymore. Rearrange your thoughts to bring the right ones through. The ones that celebrate and empower you. Rearrange your words to compliment and encourage others, to help them recognize their magic. Help them see it when they don’t. Take a picture when they aren’t looking. Capture them in the beauty of just because. Dare them as though their clock was ticking. 

Rearrange what you can so light will come through- magic isn’t make believe it’s just the naked truth

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