The art of speaking souls, it is not often told
It seems that barely skimming truths 
Is where our comfort lies 

I choose to see much further
And feel more deeply too 
Although it’s not for everyone
I dare to break the rules

Words aren’t always needed
Unspoken there is room
True nature often shows itself
In little things you do 

Your eyes are very telling
There are stories from your past
Your hopes are written there as well
Your fears they shall not last

Peeling back in layers
We use armor to protect 
It may not prove so evident 
Why our souls connect 

I can see the good in you 
I support you on your way 
I have faith we all are here
With something to convey 

Time can lend perspective 
Or steal what once was true
Either way our paths converged 
I’m richer for this too

My depth I cannot compromise
It may sometimes leave me bare
I choose to let my heart be known 
I trust it in your care 

Tread lightly on your journey 
Be careful and take heed 
Knowing others truly 
Isn’t always for your needs 

The art of speaking souls, it is not often told
It only meets those open, those ready to behold

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