This holiday season, although it tickled my fancy, has presented my intuition with a juxtaposition of sorts. I’ve watched newsfeeds and tweets pour in, texts from loved ones and even those estranged echoing similar sentiments of new hope, seemingly good intentions and brighter outlooks. They speak of renewed spirits, firm convictions for self improvement and promises to make amends for where their word fell short the year before. They vouch for new attitudes and commit to plans and regimens galore. They seem bright eyed and bushy tailed for a new year with a fresh perspective and a supposed clean slate. As much as my sunshine clad heart wants to believe “finally they get it” I’m just not convinced yet. Even still my spirit wants to be in support.

I was once taught in school to be an informed skeptic. Leave enough room to be convinced.
The notion of starting over because the calendar turned seems an exciting one. It’s not as though you’re being forced into change but rather allowed to try again if you so choose. Maybe there’s a little bit more incentive because it seems this time of year everyone’s watching. We’ve just left the merriment of gift giving and heading home to spend quality time with loved ones. We made fires, swapped stories, shared drinks, caught up on lost time. That will leave most feeling warm and tingly..enough to try and head into the new year on the right foot. So what is it that leads to so much fall out, so very quickly? Why is it that the same conviction and fervor people have on December 31st and January 1 is so instantly rattled and steadily drained?

Contrary to popular belief new doesn’t necessarily mean easy.

Real change takes work. Results take time. Growth requires patience, commitment and sacrifice. These things happen slowly and carefully if tended to properly. They require pats on the back for encouragement and bandaids for temporary cuts and bruises. The right kind of change should seek strength from the will and not bother so much with the ego. In creating a new relationship or wanting to renew an existing one both parties should meet with hope instead of fear and trust instead of doubt. They should share gratitude toward one another because gratitude echoes loudly in the heart. 

Instead of measuring success and progress with numbers, scales and bank accounts check in with your gut and that grin across your face. That intrinsic voice that’s proud of you-that’s the greatest success you can possibly fathom.  Measure yours by the fire in your belly and the sheer excitement you feel for the unknown because in letting go of past fears you create powerful vibrations to come what may

And maybe out with the old and in with the new can simply be your mindset. Don’t rid yourself of all the past-it holds value and truth and could just need resurfacing. Dig deep.Your new may just mean shining light on the old for proper adjustment. 

Happy New Year to you. You beautifully talented gorgeous person. I wish you everything that makes your heart race, your mind tinkers with and your spirit longs for. 

I know you can do it. Chances are so do you, way down inside there you already (k)new  😉

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