1a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing 
I’ve come to know that simply put
They are not fun to hear
The words of a beloved thrown at you so clear
They ring inside your body
They echo in your ear
Your mind makes up new meaning
To drown out the fear
Try to listen through them
What’s on the other side
Where is it they come from
What is there they hide
When you choose your loved ones
Can you believe their word
Was it what you thought it meant or was it what you heard?

Here are words
Grouped because together they make sense to my heart…

Be it.
Me, we, us.
Do to me as.
If we go, to us it is. 
You are now.
Lie, cry, try.
Why not
Play fair.
Love then hope.
Look into eyes.
Stay here.
Feel fear.
Wish mine away.
Mean then wait.
Give, take, care, rest.
Become beauty.
Speak truth.
Trust heart.
Touch there.
Faith takes power.
Adore those right.
Respect honesty.
Believe silence.
Recognize character.
Understand the power of words-those spoken and shown, given and taken, even in passing.
Their power over others may exceed your comprehension.
Heed your audience, their depth and the regard to which they hold their own word.
Be kind. You are better than you can imagine.
Even if words fail you, let them somehow know.

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