“Their yesterdays met mine, our nows were bound-I pray that our tomorrows together will be found” 

On the eve of the beginning of my 28th year I am asked what it is that I want, and well I don’t see it as much. In thinking of this year past I am compelled, as feels natural, to look back at my experiences and relationships in gratitude. The value they have afforded with their presence and lasting lessons are so much a part of my life’s story.

These “wants” of mine, they actually translate from my heart and mind in the form of wishes, intentions and prayers.

I pray that my sister Christine and future brother in law Alex are blessed with a life long happiness beyond their comprehension because it is what they so deserve. That aside from the intricate, beautiful, special details that accent their day they understand how perfectly chosen they are for one another, as partners for life. I ask that my mother Nancy and stepfather John are blessed with another healthy year of marriage, that they know the love, warmth and generosity they have always shown is appreciated everyday and that it be returned to them tenfold. That my gram continue to be the foundation of our family with her endless energy, selflessness and genuine good will. That she ache a little less often and continue to show the love and support she yearns to for everyone she knows. I wish for my Aunt Donna and Uncle Joe to be blessed with continued success and happiness in their lives for all they are so deserved of.  Through the years their own sacrifices and gestures of love, hospitality and kindness have always meant so much. I pray for my aunt Marianne that she know the size of her heart is immeasurable and her laughter, care and concern have found a permanent place in mine. I wish for my cousin Lori and her family to be blessed with abundance-of spirit, of peace, of gratitude and of the value of one another. She has believed so lovingly in me as I do her and have as a forever friend. That my brother Joe understand all that he means to me-the blessing and pain in the ass alike. The passion, fire and resiliency he embodies along with the sensitive, caring nature beneath. May his success be as bountiful as his spirit and the respect he has earned by countless colleagues, friends and family. I pray for the newest member of our family, that she come to know there is nowhere else she could be born where she be more loved-that the person she’s growing inside be a more incredible woman-inside and out. If ever a person to create and give you life, it be Dawn.

I want Leanne, Jen and Amanda to know how greatly I admire them, their individual paths as women, professionals and soul sisters to me. The roads they’ve taken, the challenges they’ve faced and the beauty and grace they’ve always maintained. How incredibly important they are in my life and the woman I strive to be every single day. I pray for John & Rebecca and baby Wool. That for all he’s given the world in laughter and support she receive in coming to know her parents, their grand personalities and giving hearts. I pray for Christina and Matt-that their union be as strong as their incredible natures, that they continue following their authentic callings to create the future of their dreams. That they know the gift and honor they gave me in marrying them. For Wowkie, a kindred soul-my bright eyed beauty in her new big city, that she know the magic she sows with her words, her smile and her heart. That she believes in her “on the verge” and keeps her wheels up. For Tommy’s wild heart, travels and passion to teach the world how much adventure lies in life for those willing to take the risk and go. For believing enough in myself to try. That his business know success and he remain grounded and grateful. I pray for Matt and his fiance and their upcoming adventure-that their boundless energy and competitive nature is captured with just the right flare to take them where they need to go. That David know love-the kind that makes him believe again, a committed, crazy, unconditional love for all that he intends to give a partner himself. For Emily bear-for being as kick ass, unapologetic and successful as she is and for finding me again.

I pray for trailblazing, powerful, beautiful, ground-breaking women who have taught my soul to be soothed sheerly by knowing, learning and being in their company. That owning my power and paving my place in this world isn’t always a neat, clear cut path but rather a miraculous journey. Osi, Sandra, Susie, Noel, Meryl, Katie. For my treehouse family-the most beautiful people I know who give of their love and caring natures to nurture those in the most traumatic times of their lives. You have been a home to me for years and a constant reassurance to believe in the intrinsic good of humankind. Your hearts are tremendous and your commitment relentless-Jean Ann, Rena, Jenna, Lucia, Lisa, Liz. I pray that you know great reward for your kindness to others. I pray for my Dellorso family-that they know the love, humility and strength they have taught me in their everyday lives. That I be a source of hope and security to them as long as they need. I wish for my dad to know his everlasting role in my life beit worldly or not. That just the idea of him being near has kept me afloat many, many times when I’ve felt alone or misunderstood for all I want to see and achieve without hearing the physical sound of his clapping hands and loving encouraging words.

I pray for sunsets in places I’ve never seen. For delicious champagne-whether in the company of others or reveling alone. To be better to myself- mind, body and spirit. To believe in the journey I am about to set off on as the life changing experience it will be. To be a good, loyal, upstanding woman however I can. Never to apologize for giving my heart to something and never to apologize for not. To know more financial comfort. To write, alot-more often and inspired than ever. To make a difference, every single day.

To whoever’s listening, the powers that be, I don’t think it’s much to ask-if you wouldn’t mind this year, I’d ask it all.

“I love you in a million different ways for a million different reasons”

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