wishes, intentions, prayers


Countdown to Bali-33 days. Come with me…

Because you all have been such an integral part of my writing and the incredible journey this is, I want to take a “piece” of you with me. I believe in & write about the power of the collective spirit and speaking our wishes, intentions and prayers into existence. It matters tremendously to be in support of one another’s hopes. That kind of belief allows people to come closer to their authentic selves & true purpose.

In Bali I will perform a ritual to send off flying wish paper for each & every one of you who asks. I’m collecting your wishes, intentions & prayers to give light to them in one of the most spiritual places in the world. Let’s get together before I go so you can handwrite one yourself. If we can’t or you know of someone who would like to have this done for them, please message me. I will create it myself and send a photo of their words.

This mosaic of wishes will be one of the most important things I bring with me. I have this opportunity because of the love and will of many people and want to pay it forward. Believe in yourself with me and for all that you deserve…

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