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February 24th

Mid Winters Dream

an R + R day Retreat-$88

A day of self LOVE-join an intimate group for a day of blissful relaxation; healthy meal, intro to meditation, angel cards, essential oil blessing, fireside tea and reiki. Optional massage in private healing room + trip to Saltana Cave (additional)


Things to Bring:

Yoga mat for laying- please bring your own. We will not be practicing yoga but for periods of meditation you will want the cushion for lying on the floor. I may guide you in gentle breathing techniques and light stretching to expand your airways and open the heart space for our day.

Pillows or blankets you love and can’t live without

*If you have an extra blanket bring it for meditations to cover and help deepen your experience-the more comfortable you are, the deeper you can go into a restful state. As you relax, many people experiencing their body “cooling”. It’s nice to feel warm and cozy with items you love.

A water bottle to refill-lavendar infused and regular water will be provided

*A JOURNAL/notebook-very important for recording things that may arise for you during experiences

Any items you wish to have “blessed”/activated in our collective altar-crystals, sacred items, jewelry, photos

Things to Leave Home:

Ego, Pride, Judgment, Expectation-the best part of this day is that it’s all about YOU-your comfort, your rest, your authenticity, healing and journey. You have the luxury and leisure to design it however you so please…it is about being R E A L and comfortable in your skin, deep soulful learning as well as letting go- not to mention, light hearted laughter.

The best way to enjoy this experience is to l e t  g o of all expectations-of the “schedule” the outcomes, what you’re “supposed” to feel or not feel to give way to your heart, your body and welcome the FLOW-the expansion your soul will feel, the growth of your mind and allowing new perspectives.

Let’s try to leave technology alone a bit-this is your chance to unplug, breathe in the magic of healing, positive, loving energy and enjoy the aromatics of the oils, air and incense 😉 Connecting with like minded guests face to face, hand in hand, in a circle perhaps-SEEING them, holding space for their breakthroughs.

What to Wear:

What makes you feel happy and comfortable You will be laying down-for meditations, reiki, healing sessions…be comfy. We will be sitting around the fireplace as well.

What you can EXPECT:

To disconnect from routine, electronics and the noise in your head

To leave behind old “stories” and self imposed limits holding you back

Meet new people, experiencing group dynamics and process

Relaxation + soulful renewal

We will laugh, learn, heal and experience energetic shifts

You will have the chance to share (if you want). We will listen, you may cry, we may even dance 😉

Mid Winter’s Dream is a day-long retreat allowing participants to explore the world of mindfulness, meditation, and whole wellness-mind, body, spirit-being nourished and guided by group leader and healer Lisa Barner alongside other retreat participants.

In this retreat program participants will have the chance to:

-explore the power of the physical body in meditation + reiki sessions

-receive an oil anointing and blessing

-receive angelic guidance through oracle/tarot card readings

-design empowering spiritual rituals and mantras

-journal and consider other creative expressions

-participate in group/collective process

-elect to have a shamanic blessing/rite of the womb ceremony


March 4th

Group Sound Bath + Journey

Part meditation, part listening-sound baths are healing experiences with crystal bowls, gongs, and other soothing instruments. Participants lay comfortably and let the waves of sound wash over them.

This afternoon will feature a gong sound bath also incorporating breathwork and meditation. The empowering experience reboots, regenerates, nourishes and balances the mind body and soul.


SoulSpeak Life presents “Country Calm” a soothing weekend escape

March 3-5th, 2017

Arrive at the upstate NY R + R oasis. A house nestled in the woods. Flowers and candle lit ambience. Local, organic produce, breakfast + lunch prepared.

Gathering with like minded guests for conversation, support, guidance, relaxation + deep connection.

Plush accommodations, fireside rituals, freedom to explore as your soul needs.


Essential oil anointing, aromatherapy

Massage therapy

Personal energy clearings


Reiki + crystal healing

Featuring ceremonies + ritual- rite of the womb + fire gathering, flying wish paper ceremony

Organic farm to table meals-breakfast + lunch included

Creating a personal altar

Guided meditations

Daily tarot cards

Soul sessions 1:1 with Lisa

Breakfast + Lunch offered daily- spa water, coffee, tea assortment, breakfast buffet, organic salads, lunch assortment

Oil Blessing-Using aromatic essential oils participants will be blessed with a sacred anointing by candlelight to remember their divine nature and luxuriate their senses during a deep meditation.

Rite of the Womb ceremony- Healing to offer renewed remembrance of our ancient feminine power through the womb as a source of creativity and birth

Fire ceremony-Using the elemental power of fire and strength of the collective will, a healing circle and moonlit ceremony offered to purge and burn those things no longer serving our highest good. While wish paper and lanterns will be offered to the light and night sky with renewed clarity, desired intentions and manifesting power

Massage Therapy-relax into your body with a private, hour-long medicinal massage with Jimmy Reilly

Creating a Sacred Altar-Using collected items from weekend and trip to town shops guests with have the opportunity to bless and create a traveling altar + for home, travel and in remembrance of their high vibrational, soul filled weekend.

A weekend of inspired introspection + indulgent self healing

3 days, 2 nights [or 2 days, 1 night] plush accommodations

** RSVP to or 914 804 3485


$300-3 day experience, 2 night stay

222-2 day experience, 1 night stay

*Included-breakfast, lunch, snacks.

Group healings and rituals, breathwork, meditations, sessions with Lisa.

Payments accepted via Venmo, PayPal or cash/check.

Payments must be made in full unless otherwise agreed. + are non-refundable

Additional services offered:

Private reiki sessions payable to Kate C

Massages payable to Jimmy Reilly


SoulSpeak Life presents “Bliss in the Berkshires” Nov 20-22