“We send bulleted points and she sends back a masterpiece.  Lisa has the ability to take a lot of information and form it into one concise message that embodies all that is important and interesting.  We give her the facts and the direction we want to take a press release or the copy for an ad, and she delivers, always.  An absolute pleasure and we recommend her all the time.” 
Joseph M. DeCandido  
Strategic Marketing Manager
ADVENT Consulting, LLC
“Lisa Barner wrote the opening for my web page with professionalism, acuteness and the ability to capture just what I needed.  I couldn’t have done it without her.  She worked amazingly quickly and has not only an understanding of the collaborative process but what drives her is her passion to see that the client has exactly what they want and need.  Lisa is an extremely versatile and talented professional and it was a pleasure to work with her.”
Judith Lilleston, Ph.D.
CEO, Innovative Passages Inc.
“I am definitely one of those people that have a difficult time putting my thoughts on paper. I always followed Lisa’s blog and I loved her style. A few months ago I had a client that had an amazing story and tried writing about it a hundred times but my words just didn’t convey this young woman’s journey. I reached out to Lisa and asked for help. Within a week she met with my client face to face. Lisa was able to tell the story in a way that I could have never done. I was blown away… “
Mario Trotta

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