Ways to Co Create:

Sacred Ceremonies-Wedding Officiant First Nation Church

Curating custom ceremonies that capture couples’ compelling stories of love.

Design, write + perform custom wedding ceremonies

Speeches, Toasts, Vows

Freelance Writer, Storyteller + Brand Consultant

 Creating conscious and compelling content for individuals and brands-press releases, articles, bios, blogs, maximizing user engagement via social media platforms

Individual + Group Offerings

Gentle guided meditations-utilizing sound + aromatic therapies for soothing relaxation

Holistically counsel individuals and groups-teaching personal practices and spiritually infused rituals to provide healing and support for client wellness

 Retreat Experiences

Day long local escapes, sunset meditations, weekend getaways, workshops |tailored to guests desires + requests or lunar calendar, seasonal emphasis, etc|

Corporate offerings*

Various programs+ workshops created to staff/administrative needs

 Presentations + Workshops with emphasis on:

Relaxation, Stress Reduction techniques + Guided Meditations

Group Dynamics-Respect + Relationship in the workplace

Professional Communications-Bridging The Generation “Gap”

Creating Space-Aesthetic revamp, consult, energetic clearing, aesthetic design + revamping offices, rooms for improved mood, enhanced happiness + maximized productivity

“The Happier Hour”


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